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In the symphony of artistic ventures, there are moments and movements that echo the very essence of our shared human experience.

Bliss Burn: Costa Rica 2024 is such an embodiment.


As designers who dance with diverse palettes of culture and creativity, we can attest to the magic that happens when souls converge, boundaries blur, and art comes to life.

A Convergence of Music, Art, and Cultural Diversity

Bliss Burn, emerging from The Garden, Platanillo, in the lush embrace of Costa Rica, on March 21-24, 2024, is a Gathering – a radical pilgrimage, a transformative odyssey that calls to those who resonate with the ethos of the 10 principles.
It’s a place for Burners and Tribes to converge, create, and echo the spirit of Burning Man. Bliss Burn is deeply rooted in the principles of communal effort, civic responsibility, immediacy, radical inclusion, participation, radical self-expression, radical self-reliance, leaving no trace, and consent.
It’s a canvas to paint dreams, a stage for spontaneous performances – a Sacred Garden.


Artistic Vision: A Journey of Imagination and Creativity

Dedicated spaces highlighting the rich artistic traditions of Tribes and communities from around the world. A celebration of global artistry, where attendees can witness and participate in dance rituals, musical performances, and traditional craft-making. Bliss Burn will be a canvas for creativity, reflecting the principles of self-expression, participation, and immediacy. The event will feature:


Visionary Art Installations

Immersive installations that act as portals to other realms, encouraging introspection, reflection, and a deepened sense of connection.

These soulful manifestations of creativity draw inspiration from the diverse tapestry of cultures, traditions, and stories the attendees bring with them.

Interactive Spaces

Showcasing Indigenous culture and ceremonies, we’re designing spaces intended to foster cultural integration, communal effort, and civic responsibility.

Co-create and engage in spontaneous acts of artistry. These spaces are a testament to the collective creativity of the Bliss Burn Community.

Art Under The Stars

As night falls, The Garden comes alive with luminous displays and interactive soundscapes, transforming the Gathering into a mesmerizing canvas of light and shadow.

Immersive Experiences: Beyond the Senses

Participants are invited to immerse into a voyage of imagination in celebration of the boundless spirit of human creativity.

The Garden is a convergence of the tranquil yet powerful element of water with our rivers that heal mind, body, and soul.
Elevate your vibration at Bliss Burn 2024!

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It’s more than an event;

it’s a meaningful experience worth remembering!

Location: The Garden, Costa Rica

A Venue for Transformation and Connection


The Garden’s capacity, accessibility, suitability, and alignment with the 10 principles make it an ideal venue for Bliss Burn. It offers a harmonious environment that embodies the event’s ethos of “Unite, Inspire, Immerse.”

The convergence of the rivers at The Garden symbolizes the convergence of ideas, cultures, and passions, making it a perfect setting for a transformative journey toward holistic wellness and personal growth.
You can anticipate being in a space where every attendee is not only an observer but also a creator, resonating with the heart and soul of Costa Rica and the global community.


Capacity: Embracing Community and Creativity

  • Total Area: 33 acres (13 hectares), allowing for a spacious and immersive experience.
  • Attendee Capacity: Up to 400 people, fostering an intimate community vibe.
  • Camping Areas: Designated spaces for camping, accommodating various preferences and needs, reflecting radical self-reliance.
  • Facilities: Adequate space for stages, art installations, workshops, vendors, and communal areas, encouraging radical self-expression.

Venue & Infrastructure: Crafting Spaces for Connection

The Garden’s aesthetics and functionality will create spaces that encourage connection:

  • Accommodating 400 Attendees: Including camping, stages, art installations, communal areas, waste area, toilet facilities, and infrastructure.
  • Activities & Services: Offering video production, photography, music composition, events production, and workshops, enhancing the immersive experience.
  • Integration with Local Community: Creating a circular economy that benefits the local community, fostering long-term relationships and growth.
  • Collaboration with Local Entities: Engaging with local communities, artists, Tribes, and  fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

Accessibility: Welcoming You to Connect & Explore with Nature and a Regenerative Culture

  • Location: Google Map – Easily accessible from major cities and tourist destinations.
  • Driving: 4-wheel drive is NOT required to reach The Garden (although it is a 9km drive on a dirt road.)
  • Public Transportation:  Options for public transportation to Platanillo and shuttle services from Platanillo to The Garden, are available. More details will be shared upon registration.
  • Total Area: 33 acres (13 hectares), allowing for a spacious and immersive experience.
  • Camping Areas: Designated spaces for camping, accommodating various preferences and needs.
  • Facilities: Adequate space for stages, art installations, workshops, vendors, and communal areas.
  • Attendee Capacity: 400 person capacity.
  • Accessibility Features: Consideration for attendees with disabilities and special needs, please inquire about available accommodations.
  • Natural Beauty: The Garden is located at the birth of the Guabo River. At the convergence of 7 nearby rivers, including Rio Angel which lines the property, offering a serene and picturesque setting, enhancing the immersive journey.
  • Sustainability Alignment: Opportunities for eco-friendly practices, aligning with Costa Rica’s reputation for sustainability, and reflecting the principle of Leave No Trace.
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Thematic Integration

Thematic Zones:

Designated areas for workshops on sustainability, micro-economies, permaculture, healing, dance, personal growth, artistic expression, and more.

Interactive Experiences:

Encouraging participants to engage in art, music, dance, community building, and cultural exchange, reflecting participation and immediacy.

Holistic Wellness Focus:

Spaces for yoga, meditation, and holistic wellness aligning with the theme of connection and inspiration.

Multicultural Perspective: Uniting Diverse Voices Through Principles of Radical Inclusion

  • Celebrate Diversity: Integrating various cultures in shared experiences, including local and international artists and performers.
  • Engage Local Communities: Working with local farmers, Indigenous Tribes, and businesses, encouraging economic growth and cultural exchange.
  • Foster Global Connections: Cultivating a safe space for international interactions and collaboration, building bridges across cultures.
  • Strengthen Trust  Within The  Community: Ensuring authenticity, integrity, and transformative impact through transparency and ethical practices.

Sustainability: Aligning with Costa Rica's Eco-Friendly Reputation

Bliss Burn’s commitment to sustainability resonates with the principles of Leave No Trace and civic responsibility:

  • Waste Management: Implementing eco-friendly practices, including recycling and composting.
  • Energy Sources: Exploring renewable energy options.
  • Local Collaboration: Working with local farmers and eco-conscious vendors, promotingl sustainable products and contributing to a circular economy.

Integrity & Authentic Connections

Our dedication to integrity begins within, nurturing an authentic and thriving Community.

  • Enhancing Well-Being: Offering workshops, including yoga, breath work, meditation, artistic expression and holistic healing nurturing the mind, body, and soul.
  • Building Trust: Ensuring authenticity and transformative impact through transparency and ethical practices.
  • Creating Community: Facilitating discussions on sustainability, healing, dance, personal growth, artistic expressions, and more.
  • Curating Kid Spaces: Hosting family-friendly activities, games, workshops and safe spaces.

A Guiding Light for Transformation

These principles are more than guidelines; they are a reflection of ethos written  by Larry Harvey, co-founder of Burning Man ©. They guide us to “Unite, Inspire, Immerse,” and connect on a profound level. Together, we create a space that transcends the ordinary, where every participant is a co-creator of an extraordinary experience.

By adhering to these principles, Bliss Burn becomes a beacon for those seeking a transformative journey toward Community, holistic wellness, creativity, and consciousness. It’s a celebration of what we can achieve when we come Together with open hearts and minds.

Theme Camps: Partners in Connection

These camps have affiliations with Burning Man and share values that align with Bliss Burn’s principles:

  • Music Savages: Fostering a love for music and dance, this camp inspires artistic expression.
  • High Vibe Tribe Caribe!:  Offering a sacred healing space with metaphysical workshops, movement arts, ecstatic dance, and talks.
  • Embody Costa Rica
  • Savage Heart: 
  • Soul Nova: Gifting sound and representing Party With A Purpose.
  • Soulestial Carnival:

Be an Informed Participant...

Safety Policy



Safety is our paramount concern at Bliss Burn. This policy covers key areas to ensure the well-being of all participants and to respect the natural environment we are part of. This is a Family Friendly event and all children must be supervised by an adult.

River Safety

  • Swimming Guidelines: Always swim with a buddy. NO solo swimming. Swim at your own risk.
  • River Conditions Awareness: Be aware of water levels and current strength; conditions can change rapidly. Beware of Brown Water! If you see muddy waters flowing, get out of the river immediately. 
  • Emergency Response: In case of an emergency, immediately contact the nearest safety officer or volunteer.

Public Access

  • Respectful Interaction: We coexist with the local community. Treat all non-participants with respect and kindness.
  • Boundary Awareness: Understand the boundaries of the event and respect public access areas, especially near the river.

Camp Safety

  • Camp Layout: Ensure clear pathways within camps for emergency access vehicles.
  • Fire Safety: NO open flames within tents or enclosed spaces. You must have fire extinguishers accessible.
  • Structural Integrity: All structures must be securely built and inspector approved for safety.

Wildlife Awareness

  • Spiders and Snakes: We are in a natural habitat where wildlife, including spiders and snakes, are present.
  • Precautions: Avoid walking barefoot, especially at night. Check shoes and bedding before use.
  • First Aid: Know the location of the first aid camp. In case of a bite, seek immediate medical assistance.

General Safety

  • Hydration: Stay hydrated, especially during hot weather.
  • Sun Protection: Use Eco friendly sunscreen and wear hats during peak sun hours.
  • Alcohol and Substance Use: Consume responsibly. Impaired judgment can lead to accidents.  NO open containers allowed.
  • Glass-Free Zone: To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees, please refrain from bringing glass items to the event venue.

Consent and Respect

  • Personal Boundaries: Always seek Consent before physical interactions.
  • Zero Tolerance for Harassment: Any form of harassment will result in immediate removal from the event.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency Contacts: Familiarize yourself with the locations of emergency services and key volunteers.
  • Evacuation Plan: Know the evacuation routes and assembly points in case of an emergency.

Reporting Incidents

  • Report Any Concerns: If you see something unsafe, report it to a safety officer or volunteer immediately.
  • Feedback for Improvement: Post-event, we welcome feedback for improving our safety measures.

By attending Bliss Burn, you agree to adhere to these safety policies, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for everyone. Together, let’s make Bliss Burn a safe haven of creativity, community, and celebration!

Pack-in/Pack-out Policy

Pack-In, Pack-Out Policy for Bliss Burn


Embracing the ethos of environmental stewardship and personal responsibility is at the heart of Bliss Burn. Our pack-in, pack-out policy ensures the pristine nature of our event site and upholds our commitment to leaving no trace.

Policy Overview

  1. Pack-In:
    • Participants must bring everything needed for the duration, including food, water, camping supplies, and personal items.
    • Minimize packaging before arriving to reduce waste on-site and use reusable containers where possible.
  2. Pack-Out:
    • Everything brought, including all waste, must leave with participants.
    • This includes recyclables, compost, greywater, and personal trash. There are no public trash disposal facilities.
  3. Waste Management:
    • Sort waste into recyclables, compost, and landfill categories.
    • Opt for reusable or biodegradable alternatives instead of disposables.
  4. Campsite Maintenance:
    • Keep campsites clean. Regularly pick up MOOP (Matter Out Of Place), such as bottle caps and cigarette butts.
    • Assign a team member for daily waste management.
  5. Environmental Impact:
    • Respect local flora and fauna, and stay within designated areas.
    • Use eco-friendly products and avoid single-use plastics.
  6. Potable Water and Essentials:
    • Potable water stations will be available. Bring reusable water bottles and containers.
    • Bring reusable cutlery, plates, and cups to minimize disposable waste.
  7. Aftermath:
    • Conduct a thorough cleanup of your campsite and surrounding areas before departure.
    • Ensure everyone in your group participates in the clean-up.
  8. Violation Consequences:
    • Non-compliance may result in expulsion and potential bans from future events.

Encouragement of Sustainability

We urge all participants to act sustainably and responsibly. This policy fosters a culture of respect for nature and community living, extending beyond waste management.


Our collective effort in adhering to this policy is vital for the environment and the sustainability of Bliss Burn. Let’s collaborate to maintain the beauty of the land for future generations to enjoy.

10+1 Principles
  1. The 10 + 1 Principles of Bliss Burn

    1. Radical Inclusion:
      • A commitment to creating a welcoming environment where all are respected, without judgment, regardless of background or identity.
    2. Gifting:
      • The culture of gifting thrives without expectation of exchange, fostering a community of generosity and unconditioned sharing.
    3. Decommodification:
      • Bliss Burn stands as a zone free from commercial interests, where experiences and interactions are not influenced by commercial transactions.
    4. Radical Self-reliance:
      • Participants are encouraged to depend on their individual resources, preparing for and managing their own needs independently.
    5. Radical Self-expression:
      • The event serves as a canvas for individuals to express creatively while respecting the community and the environment.
    6. Communal Effort:
      • Bliss Burn is cultivated through community cooperation, collaboration, and collective efforts, fostering social networks and collaboration.
    7. Civic Responsibility:
      • Participants engage with awareness of local laws and communal welfare, ensuring a responsible and respectful community environment.
    8. Leaving No Trace:
      • The commitment to leaving no physical trace ensures the preservation and respect for the environment, fostering sustainability.
    9. Participation:
      • Active participation is key, with every attendee contributing to the collective experience through engagement, creation, and sharing.
    10. Immediacy:
      • Embracing the present moment, Bliss Burn encourages personal connections and the breaking down of barriers to self-awareness and recognition.
    11. Consent (The +1 Principle):
      • Emphasizing the importance of consent in all interactions, this principle advocates for communication, respect for boundaries, and the affirmation of personal autonomy. Every interaction should be based on mutual agreement and respect, ensuring a safe and respectful environment for all.

    Application at Bliss Burn

    The Bliss Burn community is built on these principles, forming the foundation of our shared experience. They guide us in creating an environment of mutual respect, creativity, and responsibility. Every participant, through their actions, camp contributions, art, and social interactions, embodies these principles, contributing to a rich tapestry of communal experience.

    These principles are not just guidelines but a commitment to a way of living that elevates respect, creativity, and shared responsibility. They are the essence of Bliss Burn, creating an experience that resonates with profound impact, both during and beyond the event.

Event Rules
  1. Bliss Burn 2024 Event General Rules

    1. Respect and Inclusion:
      • Treat all participants with respect, regardless of their background, beliefs, or lifestyle.
      • Discriminatory or harassing behavior is not tolerated.
    2. Leave No Trace:
      • Adhere to the principle of leaving no trace. Clean up after yourself and help maintain the cleanliness of the event space.
      • If you see trash on the ground please pick it up.
      • Properly dispose of waste in designated areas.
    3. Consent is Key:
      • Always seek explicit consent before touching, photographing, or engaging in any interaction with others.
      • Respect personal boundaries and the word ‘no.’
    4. Safety First:
      • Comply with all safety guidelines, especially concerning fire, structures, and art installations.
      • Report any unsafe conditions or activities to the event staff immediately.
    5. Substance Policy:
      • The use of illegal substances is prohibited. Participants found using or distributing such substances will be asked to leave.
      • Responsible alcohol consumption is permitted for those of legal drinking age.
    6. Sound and Noise Control:
      • Adhere to sound guidelines, especially in family or quiet camps.
      • Use headphones for late-night music to respect others’ sleep.
    7. Animal Policy:
      • Pets are not allowed, with the exception of registered service animals.
      • Service animals must be under control and not disturb other participants. Owners must inform staff upon entry of pets presence.
    8. Photography and Privacy:
      • Obtain consent before taking photos or videos of people.
      • Respect privacy; avoid photography in private spaces like camps or personal areas.
    9. Campfires and Fire Performances:
      • Follow designated guidelines for any open flames, including campfires, candles, and fire performances.
      • Know where your fire extinguishers are before you light fires.
      • Only use approved areas for fire activities.
    10. Vehicle and Parking Regulations:
      • Adhere to the speed limit within the event area.
      • Park only in designated areas and follow instructions from parking volunteers.
    11. Cultural Sensitivity and Environmental Respect:
      • Be mindful of local cultures and the natural environment.
      • Avoid activities that might harm the local flora and fauna.
    12. No Commercial Activity:
      • Selling goods or services is not allowed. This is a decommodified space.
    13. Child Safety:
      • Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
      • Specific child-friendly areas and activities will be clearly marked.
    14. Nudity:
      • Nudity is allowed in designated areas but must comply with local laws and cultural norms.
      • Always carry a towel or a cover-up as a courtesy in communal areas.
    15. Emergency Procedures:
      • Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and locations of medical stations.
      • In case of an emergency, follow instructions from event staff or emergency personnel.
    16. Community Responsibility:
      • Encourage and support fellow participants in adhering to these rules.
      • Participate actively in community-driven initiatives and activities.

    Specific Local Laws, Speed Limits, and Cultural Awareness En Route to Event

    In addition to our core rules and the Pack-In, Pack-Out Policy, we emphasize the importance of adhering to local laws and regulations, especially while traveling to and from the Bliss Burn event. This includes respecting speed limits and being mindful of the local culture and community.

    • Obey Local Laws:
      • All participants must follow the laws and regulations of Costa Rica, including traffic laws, environmental policies, and any local ordinances.
      • Ignorance of local laws is not an excuse for non-compliance.
    • Respect Speed Limits:
      • Adhere strictly to posted speed limits en route to the event. This is crucial for your safety and the safety of others, including local residents.
      • Be extra cautious in areas with high pedestrian activity or near wildlife crossings.
    • Cultural Sensitivity:
      • Recognize and respect the local culture and traditions. This includes dressing appropriately, understanding social norms, and interacting respectfully with local residents.
      • Be aware of language differences and strive to communicate in a respectful manner.
    • Community Engagement:
      • Engage with the local community in a positive and considerate way. Support local businesses and services where possible.
      • Avoid behaviors that might be disruptive or disrespectful to the local community.
    • Environmental Responsibility:
      • Be mindful of your environmental impact while traveling. This includes proper disposal of trash, minimizing noise pollution, and avoiding any activities that could harm the local ecosystem.
      • Carpooling is encouraged to reduce the carbon footprint and ease local traffic.
    • Consequences:
      • Violation of local laws or failure to respect cultural norms can result in legal consequences, as well as disciplinary actions from the Bliss Burn event organizers, including potential expulsion from the event.


    Adherence to these guidelines en route to Bliss Burn is essential in maintaining a harmonious relationship with the host country and its people. As we gather to celebrate our shared values and experiences, let’s do so while respecting the laws, culture, and community that graciously hosts us. Together, we can ensure that our journey to and from Bliss Burn is safe, respectful, and in harmony with the spirit of the event and the local environment.

    Note: Bliss Burn is a collaborative, community-focused event. Adherence to these rules is essential for creating an environment where creativity, freedom, and mutual respect can flourish. Violations may result in removal from the event and future bans.

    Remember, your experience at Bliss Burn is what you make of it — contribute positively, engage respectfully, and embrace the unexpected!

Meet Our Team

Anael Bonsorte

Learn More
Founder and Visionary Leader*

Background: Anael stands at the helm of Bliss Burn, bringing a wealth of experience from the realms of event production and sustainable development. With a deep connection to Costa Rica’s vibrant culture and environment, Anael’s vision for Bliss Burn is not just an event, but a movement towards a more connected and conscious world.
Expertise: Known for his innovative approach and strategic acumen, Anael has a proven track record in orchestrating large-scale events that blend cultural richness with environmental responsibility. His leadership style is a blend of passionate creativity and pragmatic execution.
Investor Assurance: For investors, Anael represents a reliable and visionary leader who not only dreams big but also delivers. His commitment to sustainability and cultural integrity aligns with the ethos of investors looking for meaningful and impactful opportunities.

DaniBelle Bellavita

Learn More
Co-Organizer and Creative Dynamo

– Role: As a co-organizer, Danibelle brings a dynamic mix of creativity and organizational prowess to Bliss Burn. Her background in arts and community engagement ensures that every aspect of the festival resonates with artistic authenticity and communal harmony.
– Skills: With a keen eye for detail and a heart for community building, Danibelle’s contributions to Bliss Burn span from creative programming to ensuring seamless operational flow. Her ability to connect with artists and attendees alike makes her a key asset to the festival’s success.
– Investor Perspective: Danibelle’s role is crucial in maintaining the delicate balance between creative expression and operational excellence, making Bliss Burn a well-rounded and appealing investment opportunity.

RahQuel Star Achiaviatta

Learn More
Co-Producer and Community Connector

– Influence and Insight: RahQuel Star, as a co-producer, is a force of nature in the Bliss Burn team, known for her unparalleled ability to connect people and ideas. With a deep-seated passion for community building and a rich background in event coordination, she plays a pivotal role in bringing the Bliss Burn vision to life.
– Experience and Expertise: RahQuel’s journey in the world of large-scale event management and her intuitive understanding of community dynamics make her an invaluable asset. She is adept at fostering collaborations that resonate with the festival’s ethos, ensuring that every partnership and program aligns with the core values of Bliss Burn.
– Investor Assurance: RahQuel’s involvement is a guarantee of Bliss Burn’s commitment to creating a festival that is not only a celebration but also a community-driven, transformative experience. Her skills in orchestrating events that leave lasting impressions provide assurance to investors about the festival’s potential for growth and influence.

Liz Devin

Learn More
Liz Devin is proud to be a founding member and part owner, along with Anael Bonsorte and Kayd Hildebrandt, of The Garden, in Costa Rica. Since first laying eyes on this property in 2016, Liz has been dedicated to turning the dream for The Garden into a reality.  

Possessing exceptional communication skills and a task-oriented approach, Liz excels in leading community-based projects and ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard, respected, and understood. Using her sense of humor as her weapon of choice to lighten moods during intense times. Liz’s commitment to the well-being of  humanity and the planet is unwaveringly demonstrated by 

doing what needs to be done to keep morale and spirits high.

 Liz knows how to work with power tools and has considerable experience in erecting structures. Has over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry.

Always bringing integrity, hard work, honesty, loyalty, and an optimistic nature, she continuously proves to be an invaluable asset. Liz consistently goes the extra mile with a strong dedication to making a positive impact in the community. 

-Knows anything is possible.

-Favorite color is iridescent rainbow.

-Spirit animal is the pegasus.

-Does not like to cook but is always down to vacuum.

-Welcomes you to Bliss Burn!!!

Terra Nova

Learn More
The Heartbeat of Bliss Burn

– Diversity and Talent: Bliss Burn boasts an array of renowned artists and performers, each bringing their unique flair to the festival. From world-class DJs to local artisans, the festival’s lineup is a tapestry of cultural diversity and artistic excellence.
– Investor Draw: The presence of high-caliber artists not only elevates the festival’s profile but also ensures a magnetic draw for attendees, enhancing the festival’s reputation and marketability.

Summary for Investors: The team behind Bliss Burn is a collective of dynamic, experienced, and passionate individuals.

Anael’s visionary leadership, Danibelle’s creative orchestration, Rick’s technological expertise, Jason’s social/environmental stewardship, and RahQuel’s community engagement expertise converge to create a festival that is much more than an event – it’s a movement.

This team ensures that Bliss Burn is poised for success, making it an attractive, meaningful, and responsible investment.

Jason Thomas

Learn More
Sustainability and Environment Advocate

– Focus: Jason leads the festival’s sustainability initiatives, ensuring that every aspect of Bliss Burn aligns with social and environmental best practices. His expertise in eco-friendly strategies and passion for environmental education and cultural bridge-building make him a key figure in the festival’s green mission.
– Impact: Under Jason’s guidance, Bliss Burn implements innovative regenerative measures, from waste management to eco-friendly infrastructures to social outreach, reinforcing the festival’s commitment to leaving a positive footprint.
– Investor Appeal: Jason’s role is critical in fulfilling the festival’s promise of being an environmentally and socially conscious event, aligning perfectly with investors prioritizing ethical and green investments.

Rick Broider

Learn More
Technology and Innovation Lead

– Contribution: In an era where technology is crucial, Rick’s role in integrating innovative digital solutions into Bliss Burn sets the festival apart. His expertise in tech development ensures that Bliss Burn remains at the forefront of digital engagement and efficiency.
– Experience: With a background in high level operations, business process automation and a passion for new technologies, Rick is instrumental in creating immersive digital experiences for attendees and streamlined operational systems, enhancing both attendee satisfaction and operational productivity.
– Investor Confidence: Rick’s involvement is a testament to Bliss Burn’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technology, assuring investors that the festival is geared for modernity and efficiency.

Kayd Thomas

Learn More
Based in Los Angeles, Kayd has years of experience with production and has become a master at wrangling and coordinating trolls, fairies, and lost ravers alike. As a skilled liaison and Gemini, he easily connects with diverse personalities, effortlessly bridging the gaps between ego and art. He is a determined leader, but most importantly, a patient follower.

For Kayd, one of his greatest joys is bringing visions to reality, doing what needs to be done, navigating the chaos, and sweeping up our beautiful mess, all while bringing smiles to the faces of our fellow earthlings.

Excelling in both logistical and ethereal aspects of the process, proving obstacles are an adventure to reality. Kayd is there when help is sought and adaptable when the mystical beings throw curveballs. There is nothing that can’t be done; no bridge that can’t be crossed. And when chasing waterfalls presents itself, Kayd says YES!
So when the opportunity to be a part of The Garden presented itself, his sense of adventure and need for a Blissful embrace was a full-body YES!

In addition to being a producer for BlissBurn, Kayd, along with Liz Devin and Anael Bonsorte, is also a founding member and part-owner of The Garden. It is Kayd’s forever home, and he welcomes you to find the Bliss just as he has on this sacred land.

Want To Get Involved as a Co-Organizer?

Bliss Burn: A Cosmic Confluence of Unity, Artistry, and Awakening

This Gathering transcends the conventional gathering paradigm. It invites attendees on a transformative odyssey, a deep dive into art, culture, sustainability, and communal unity. Imagine a space where every moment is a brushstroke on the canvas of collective imagination, where every interaction is an echo of authentic connection, and where every heartbeat resonates with the rhythms of the Earth and the cosmos.

For investors and visionaries, Bliss Burn is more than an opportunity—it’s a beacon, signaling a new era of gatherings that prioritize soulful engagement over passive entertainment. This is not just the first local burn in Central America; it’s a symphony of ideas and passions that will ripple out, inspiring hearts and minds across the globe.


  • If you would like to be involved with Bliss Burn, fill out an application and tell us how you would like to contribute:
    • Volunteers 
    • Artists
    • Performers
    • Art Showcase 
    • Any other Blissful donation




We all get by with a little help from our friends in many ways. If you would like to make a donation to Bliss Burn, visit https://newearthcocreators.notion.site/Invest-in-a-Cultural-Legacy-fd5d4e75fb77474aabbb16229e32b72a?pvs=4.

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