Eco-Aligned Business Design

Discover the Power of a Holistic Business Design

Using Permaculture as your guide

Establish confidence and resilience in your organization by fortifying your project’s invisible infrastructure and reducing reactionary patterns that lead to wasted resources and overwhelm.

Eco-Aligned Business Design is a 6-week program that will help you establish a solid foundation for your regenerative enterprise in alignment with your ethics and lifestyle goals.

I’m here to support you in the areas of business development, community building, and cultural bridging.

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Regenerative Entrepreneurship is
Changing the World One Passionate Idea at a Time

Welcome to a transformative journey where business meets regenerative design. Whether you’re starting from scratch or modifying an existing business model, the key to lasting success is a solid foundation built on principles, ethics, and proven strategies.

The modern world is filled with challenges, but every challenge presents an opportunity. Regenerative entrepreneurship supports ecological excellence, cultivates social well-being, creates prosperity, and fosters a holistic lifestyle. Together, we’ll design a business that not only benefits people, the planet, and future generations, but is profitable as well.

Book a Preliminary Assessment Call

This free 45-minute session focuses purely on your project, your ideas for it, and offers fresh perspective on how to align your approach for the best use of your time & other resources. Others have come before you. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

This call is designed to support you in gaining clarity around the viability of the options you’re imagining while opening perspective for what a refined approach might offer you.

Strategy Session

If your experience in the Assessment Call leaves you wanting more, book a 2.5 hour Strategy Call, where we’ll continue going deeper into your options and lay out a road map together, for your success.

The process brings in elements of a permaculture design but is focused on your business model. You’ll walk away with strategies, tools, tactics, and resources to get you moving forward with more confidence.

Eco-Aligned Business Design Package

We’ll meet for 6 weeks to assess, research, analyze, and design your business for maximum efficiency and impact. Using the permaculture design method, along with tools and tactics used by today’s most successful businesses, I’ll deliver you a holistic business plan, designed for your particular vision, needs, and audience, mapped out, ready for implementation. You’ll have a roadmap to walk you through your next 3 years in business with clarity for where you’re going and how to get there. You can implement the design yourself or, if you desire, with my continued assistance.

Implementation Assistance

If you’re ready to make confident steps forward with an ally at your side, I’m here to support you. Once your design is delivered, if you decide that you’d like to continue working together, I’ll invite you to spend 3 months fleshing it out further, establishing project management and organizational systems, along with other pieces of your digital infrastructure completing the next steps toward your project’s success.

All with the use of my team of remote assistants to help you check many of those technical tasks off your list for you!

Eco-Aligned Business Design is ideal for you if:

  • You have a regenerative-minded enterprise or community project that you’d like to operate in a holistic way.
  • You understand the risks of launching a business without a thorough plan.
  • You don’t want to become a statistic of yet another regenerative enterprise that misses its mark.
  • You’d like assistance assessing & designing the business model through the permaculture lens and holistic context.
  • You’d like your digital infrastructure to benefit from modern-day technology & organizational methods.
  • You want to succeed in making this all work – enough to alter patterns that have kept you distracted from that goal so far.
  • You don’t want to have to do it all alone!

 It’s exciting to embark on a regenerative enterprise.

Regenerative enterprises empower people to spend their time, money, and other resources in harmony with the planet, living beings, and future generations.

To improve their chances for success, it’s vital that these initiatives embrace sound business practices that are in alignment with their ethics and values.

Like with land management, by taking the time to assess your project and design it for maximum efficiency, you embrace the opportunity to minimize the potential hurdles present in almost any business venture.

The permaculture design method holds the key to revolutionizing the success of start-up endeavors and established businesses alike. It harmonizes your various independent initiatives into co-supportive systems, shedding light on areas where energy is being diverted from the whole.

As any entrepreneur knows, being in the middle of everything happening all at once can make it difficult to evaluate risks, benefits, and opportunity costs objectively.

Having an ally to help you sort through your options, ask clarifying questions, offer pragmatic perspective, and provide valuable resources, can be invaluable for your project’s success, not to mention your sense of confidence as you explore the process.

So, what is Regenerative Entrepreneurship?


When something is said to be “regenerative,” it indicates a quality of renewal. It describes things that provide more than they take. It’s often used in reference to agriculture and other aspects of land management. Still, it’s a concept that can be (and should be) applied to our lifestyles, business practices, and relationships.

Entrepreneurs are way-seers, innovators, creators, & risk-takers. They’re dreamers, believers, and doers. Regenerative entrepreneurs are a rare breed of humans who see how the world could be better and follow the impulse, devoting their life to making it happen.

Entrepreneurship is frequently associated with capitalism, with profit as its motivating agenda and extraction as its model, but it’s worth widening our definition. Just as permaculture isn’t exclusively for land management, entrepreneurship isn’t just about producing a profit.

While we’re adjusting perspectives, we can also keep in mind the difference between making a profit and “profiteering.” Profiteering is the practice of making, or seeking to make, an excessive or unfair profit. On the other hand, aiming to generate a profit from our investments of time, money, and heart energy that we can use to put back into our regenerative efforts, is regenerative!

Entrepreneurship puts innovation in the hands of regular people. What we do with that is up to us.

“Social entrepreneurship” and “regenerative entrepreneurship” are terms describing the application of sound business sense and organizational methods applied to the agendas of earth care, people care, and fair share. These are the ethics of the clients I serve.


Which Path is right for you?

The beginning of our journey starts with a preliminary assessment. It’s a free 45-minute call. You’ll answer some questions before arriving at the call, and we’ll go through them together. This call alone is enlightening for most of those who choose to have a chat. I have a way of asking thought-provoking questions. 

It’s a way for us to get to know each other and for me to understand the parameters of your project & personal goals before deciding to work together. If either of us decides that that call is enough, we’re under no obligation to go any further. Conversely, if we choose to enroll you in one of our programs, we’ll already have a grounded base to work from.

After an assessment call, you may feel like you’ve identified a path forward, but you’d like to spend some more time identifying the next steps and how to arrange them. You might even have more specific questions about a few of them that you’d like to explore. This is your chance to go deeper and develop the idea that you’ve gotten clarity around.

I’ll guide the call with a series of questions to help uncover gems of insight from you. It’ll be recorded, and you’ll have access to review your revelations. You can bounce ideas off of me to see their reflection. You’ll walk away with greater confidence to take the next steps. I’ll also send you a report within 72 hours with a revision of my notes, additional thoughts, and a list of links and other resources to help you on your way.

This is an opportunity to work on your business infrastructure together. We’ll spend the first 4 weeks diving deep into the holistic context of your project – your goals, your client’s needs, your offerings, and its future. You’ll have homework to do to deepen your understanding and empower your movement forward.

In the 5th and 6th weeks, we’ll begin using the permaculture design strategies and principles to reformulate our findings into an intelligent design that stacks functions, uses the edges, values the marginal, stores and collects energy, and produces a yield. 

By the end of our 6 weeks together, you’ll have a folder of documents, including: 

  • A review of your assessment, our observations, and your business goals
  • An analysis of your ideal client avatar
  • The results from a variety of writing and research exercises you’ll complete
  • A prioritized analysis of the key functions, systems, and elements you’ll want to establish to build a resilient business
  • An explanation of my recommendations, with instructions for implementation, laid out in quarterly periods over the next 3 years
  • A maintenance plan for the ongoing operation and periodic revisits to the feedback loop to evaluate what’s working or not
  • A marketing overview describing various methods to build reputation and attract clients
  • Mind Maps illustrating your proposed sales funnel, email campaigns, and marketing channels
  • Links to additional resources assisting your personal and business development
  • A slide presentation with all of these details laid out in an easy-to-follow format


Also included in the consultation package

  • (6) 60-minute calls
  • Weekly recap emails with homework assignments and links to relevant resources
  • Email and text support in between calls
  • Access to our private membership site, where I’ve been compiling special members’ only articles regarding business administration, organizational hacks, and marketing
  • Access to the Community Living Agreements Training replays


This package is available to committed individuals or teams that have completed the design process and are ready to improve the future of their business and community relations forever.

Every business is different. That’s why I’ve designed my services to start with the design process before assuming what implementation will look like. 

The research and design process is crucial for uncovering areas where your previous plans might have cost you unnecessary time, money, resources, and enthusiasm. Now that we have a more holistic design, we’ll begin implementing those steps toward improving your project’s state of resilience.

Your design will include a 3-year projection of activities you’ll want to do each quarter.


In this implementation phase, we’ll take that further and start putting the foundational and most fruitful tasks into project management software to make sure they get done. 

… And you won’t be responsible for doing it on your own!

Besides our continued weekly calls, I’ll get my team of virtual assistants to work, checking those tasks off for you!

In the meantime, we’ll be establishing organizational systems that will help your business to run smoothly in the months and years to come, with a minimal amount of your ongoing effort to sustain them.

Whether you’re selling a physical item, a service, an experience, or shares of your project to investors, how you package it and put it in front of them will make all the difference. We’ll have done much of this work in the Design phase, so now we’ll be putting the first steps into motion. We’ll also build out a pitch deck to make your design easier to communicate to others.


What’s included in the consultation package?

  • (13) 60-minute calls
  • Email and text support in between calls
  • An audit of your website with recommendations for what you can improve to get your message out more clearly
  • Establishment of your project management system
  • CRM, Email, and other marketing infrastructure elements
  • Content editing
  • Technical assistance from my team in setting up your digital infrastructure
  • Access to our private membership site, where I’ve been compiling special members’ only articles regarding business administration, organizational hacks, and marketing
  • Guidance writing & revising your business plan
  • Assistance in creating your pitch deck
  • The satisfaction that you’re approaching your dreams in a way that’ll sustain their coming true!


More people are coming to understand that permaculture isn’t just for land management.

Permaculture is a collection of principles that invites us to slow down and design resilience into our business design, relationships, and connections with our outer communities in a holistic and synergistic way. 

Permaculture trains us to think about how our decisions and actions affect everything around us. It teaches us to use the edges and value the marginal, design from patterns to details, and use small and slow solutions. 

Permaculture leads us to take time and consider the many ways our plans, actions, and inactions influence the zones around us and how that influence feeds back into the cycle, so we can maximize on the fruits of our labors and keep our hard earned energy circulating within our systems. 


Taking the time to invest in your invisible infrastructure is a step worth taking.

I should know. The permaculture education center I ran for 7 years went from struggling financially and energetically to sustaining itself in a flow of harmony after we applied the permaculture design method to our business and family life, and implemented the needed changes it uncovered.

Each project is unique. With my experience and commitment to your success, we’ll dive deep into your vision and desired lifestyle, tailoring the approach to ensure you and your project moves forward in a thoughtful and balanced way. Rooted in permaculture ethics, our strategies are designed for sustainability, ecological balance, and social responsibility.

Use the Permaculture Design Principles to fortify your business & social infrastructure.

Your dreams won’t just look like they’re coming true.

They’ll have the heart and infrastructure to thrive.

(Clicking will redirect you to a booking page. After selecting a time, you’ll be prompted with a few questions to ensure our time together is spent efficiently and productive.)

Are you motivated?

Are you ready to take action, create a comprehensive design that takes Permaculture Principles & Social Responsabilty into consideration, and hold yourself accountable for actualizing it?
If so, you’re in the right place! 

Many people thrive when held accountable by someone who cares enough to have their back. To keep them motivated and reflect their thoughts back to them with a broader perspective.

Most people who successfully take their dreams to impactful levels are those who’ve reached out for and received support.


I think that’s why you’re here.

You want someone with integrity and years of experience to complement your own and keep you on track. 

You want someone who’s spent years studying business, trained with multiple mentors, and knows what pushing beyond limiting beliefs is like.

You want someone to reflect your ideas back to you and help you craft them in a way that speaks to the people you’re trying to get them out to. 

You want a greater degree of resilience in your life and your program, and if you’re ready for help, I’m prepared to be there for you in the ways you need most. 

Jason working at Casa Alegria (Digital Workspace)

Your Regenerative Journey Awaits


Every endeavor starts with a single step. Take yours today.

By scheduling an assessment call, you’re not just booking a consultation — you’re unlocking a world of potential for your business.

Together, we’ll clarify your opportunities, identify your obstacles, and chart a path forward, ensuring your journey is as efficient and enlightening as possible.


What my clients have to say

I’d been thinking it was time to get a coach, and when we met, I saw Jason had experience in what I needed. Before I started, I needed help uncovering why I was doing what I was doing. Through some thought-provoking discussions and exercises, I saw more clearly that the direction I was going in didn’t resonate with where I am in life, what’s important to me, and the best way to go about it. With Jason’s encouragement, I was able to pivot with my instincts. 


I like how the sessions are structured to build on each other, starting from a foundation of my values and missions in life. The emails are prompt, practical, and thorough. The weekly homework and instructions are clear and concise.


I’m enjoying the journey and would say it’s been an immense help to be guided through building a business like this. Jason is personable, professional, and extremely insightful. The program and communication are invaluable, and it’s been an overall fun and helpful process.

Kyle J.

Dating & Relationship Coach, Sustainable Love Coaching

When I met Jason, I had just finished my PDC and wanted to start doing designs professionally. I was inexperienced and found it difficult to map out the needed elements of a permaculture business.

Jason assisted me in clarifying the scope of my operations, gradually increased my confidence in my abilities, and provided me with lots of boots-on-the-ground advice. He helped me recognize my strengths and capabilities, and I found his advice to be very practical.

Applying the permaculture method to business coaching felt both wise and effective. His insightful commentary has been motivating me to step into the unknown. I definitely encourage anyone who’s starting a new venture to jump on a call with Jason and see what he has to say.

Tayler S.

Permaculture Designer, Bowing Branches

We bought a farm in Costa Rica in 2019 and wanted to find ways to make it profitable and sustainable in a way where we can serve humanity with our healthy living concept. 

In our time with Jason, we found out what works and what doesn’t work in Costa Rica. We found out about other projects, their challenges, and how they dealt with them. Also, we learned smart ways to work with a farm and how to implement powerful strategies. 

I learned not to burn money like I did in the past.  Lots of landowners are burning out in the amount of work and losing the relationships with their partners they came here with. For anyone thinking of buying a farm in Costa Rica to live a sustainable life, I can recommend this service to keep you from losing money here in Costa Rica like so many others do. 


Thomas R

Wellness Coach, Finca Curcuma

I have land in Costa Rica and was planning to do a fundraiser to develop it. I was having a hard time keeping up with the steady change of things, feeling alone with the project, and dealing with the high costs of development.

Jason helped me with insights and information about what the project was going to need, especially if I wanted to develop it using crowdfunding. Our time together helped me develop a more detailed view of the project and more clarity about the steps needed to do things right.

I liked his direct approach, honesty, good insights, and knowledge of different business models. He gave me some good ideas for networking possibilities. I like his methods and look forward to starting again when I’ve raised the needed funds to build my dream how I want.

Corey T

Social Worker, Heart Space

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I’m Jason Thomas.

With over 20 years in the permaculture movement and a background in business, I bridge ecologically-focused entrepreneurs with the 21st-century tools and business practices I’ve found useful in my own endeavors.

In 2009, I founded Finca Fruición in Pérez Zeledón and hosted several hundred volunteers, interns, and students, produced events, taught a little, and learned a lot.

As Creator and Podcaster at Regeneration Nation Costa Rica, I’m on a mission to promote & network regenerative projects in CR to enhance their chances to make a positive impact & thrive.

I offer private consultation services for entrepreneurs committed to setting up their strategic and digital infrastructures for success. My driving passion lies in empowering individuals to lead resilient lives and become bold ambassadors for a more connected humanity.

I know what it means to have to pivot. I know what it feels like to persevere.

And I know that operating a big project without a strategic design, guidance, and accountability can leave one feeling like they’re spinning their wheels until they’re burnt out. Don’t let that happen to you.


I’m here to help!

Your Commitment & My Guarantee


The Holistic Business Design Package is not just another program – it’s a pact. If you put in the effort, do your research, and follow through with your weekly tasks and commitments, you’ll be poised for progress like never before. And I promise to deliver a design and implementation plan tailored to your and your clients’ needs.

If my team and I fall short of our commitments, we’ll strive to make it right. Because your success is my success.

The journey toward a more resilient life, business, and community awaits you.


Examine your business through the permaculture lens.

We’ll lay out your goals and a perceived path toward achieving them while exploring where you might be able to simplify, stack functions, and keep precious energy feeding back into the system.


Develop confidence through regular contact with someone who has your interests at heart.

You’ll receive the insightful perspective you need when making difficult decisions. You’ll be encouraged to do deeper research when we uncover assumptions. You’ll get support reflecting on ways your efforts can most responsibly attend to your well-being and the needs of those closest to you. 


Grow wiser without having to experience all the mistakes yourself.

One of our greatest gifts as humans is the ability to learn from each other’s experiences. I’ve interviewed, counseled with, and consulted an uncountable number of people who’ve been in a similar place you are now. You’ll have access to the experiences of those people, myself, and the team of professionals that support our work.


Build a program that future dreamers will use as their model.

We need more successful models in this regenerative movement. Enough mavericks have gone it alone, figured it out along the way, and strived for years before making their intended impact. Don’t be one of them. We live in a world where the resources are all available to you. You just need someone to guide you to the right ones.

Let’s get you, in a few months, to a place it might take you years to get to on your own.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to design a business that aligns with your values, serves the community, and thrives in the marketplace. Schedule a call with me, and let’s co-create a brighter future!

Things you may still be wondering

Is there a guarantee to your offer?

The Regenerative Entrepreneur Program is designed to guide you along your path in a way that clarifies your obstacles, guides you through them, and gives you the tools to keep moving forward more confidently, effectively, and efficiently.

If you accomplish your tasks each week, do your research, and follow through with your commitments, you are guaranteed to be much further along your path than the last 3 months have brought you.

I promise to deliver you a complete design based on your stated needs and desires, our research and combined insights, and my wisdom gained as a lifelong permaculturist and entrepreneur.

If I, or my team, fail to meet our commitments, I’ll do what I can to make it right.

If anything about the design feels incomplete, I’ll be happy to schedule additional calls with you to make sure you feel supported and on track with the journey ahead.

What do your packages include?

I’ve spelled them out in detail here.

If you’d like to learn more, schedule a free call, and I’ll be happy to answer this and any other questions you have about working together.

What if I can’t keep up with the calls and assignments?

 This is your commitment to yourself, your project, and your well-being. I’m here to support you in that. Helping people like you create regenerative projects that survive and thrive is what I’m here to do. We both have to commit if you’re going to get results different than what brought you to this page.


You’ll have access to my calendar to book your calls far in advance at your convenience. It’s your job to keep your calendar clear and to commit to them. You’re the only one who can decide if you’re ready to make your project a shining example of what’s possible or another statistic ruled by distractions. It’s up to you.


If we choose to work together, it’s because we both decide that we won’t let anything get in the way of your project’s growth, harmony, and respectable reputation.

Can I really make meaningful progress in just 6 weeks or a few months?

What do you want to believe?
It’s all going to rest on that. If you value surfboards, dance parties, and Netflix, or even your endless reactionary task list more than establishing a resilient future for your project’s future, then maybe not.


If you’re willing, however, to dedicate yourself to this work, then the answer is ABSOLUTELY! 

If you play full-in, you’ll have useful tools for meaningful progress at your hands in the first month!

Think back to the last three months of your progress. Now imagine that you had someone at your side guiding you, sharing resources, giving you direct assistance, and keeping you accountable to your commitments. Where do you think you’d be now?

… much further along.

That’s right. We aren’t meant to be doing projects this big alone. We aren’t in an age where we need to reinvent the wheel. There are too many resources available to be winging it.


If you believe in yourself, I’m going to believe in you and help you remember what you’re capable of.

Okay, I’m in. How do I get started?

Click the button below, book a free, no-obligation call with me to help us discover whether my offer is right for you, and we’ll go from there.

I can only work with so many clients at a time. I want to make sure that you’re willing and able to follow through with the work, as much as you’ll want to know me and how I approach it. 

The Regenerative Entrepreneur Program will walk you along the path of getting to know yourself and your project’s most practical potential in a way that’ll get you there!

Book a call to see if co-creating the future you’ve been dreaming for yourself is as close to reality as you want it to be.


You want an ally, and I want to see your project thrive.

The 45-minute Assessment Call is obligation-free. I enjoy learning about who’s doing what, and love the chance to sprinkle a little influence to aid others on their way.

Book your call today!

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