Diversify Your Flow of Abundance and Become Financially Free

Feb 14, 2023 | Blog, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Financial Sustainability, Permaculture, Professional services, Project Management, Success Stories

Author: Jean Pullen

Diversity in its many forms

Diversity is key in all aspects of life. Diversity on professional teams can mean hiring a range of people of various races, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures, genders, sexual identities, lifestyles, experiences, or interests. Diversity in agriculture describes a polyculture of crops (many different crops) and plenty of biodiversity, miming natural forests. Financial diversity, or “diversification,” means we have different assets and monetary resources in different asset categories, such as cash, stocks, gold, equity, land, cryptocurrencies, and investments in companies. 


“Uniformity is not nature’s way; diversity is nature’s way. In nature’s economy, the currency is not money; it is life.”

—Vandana Shiva


We have all heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Well, we can look at finances similarly. We must diversify and invest in our earth and the well-being of all our communities: 



I highly recommend investing in real estate and learning about small-scale farming. True financial freedom comes from living rent-free and growing at least some of your own food. You could get there by owning your own land or living on someone else’s land in exchange for helping with the crops. Another option could be building on a friend’s or family member’s land. 


I acknowledge that land ownership is not an ideal system, as there is so much resource inequality worldwide. I much prefer certain indigenous philosophies that regard the land as a communal resource, with ownership vested in the group rather than in any one individual.


We give the greatest gift of abundance to the earth and future generations when we steward our lands, planting organic crops and fruit trees. As we plant and regenerate the land, we increase our shared biological, spiritual, and emotional capital. My partner and I are filled with happiness, knowing we are sovereign. 


Water is life, and investing in your own natural spring or water source for your community is important. For example, you can invest in building your own rainwater collection system or creating a well. Water should not be monetized or privatized. 


Regenerative Startups and Community Projects

When I was looking at mutual funds and green investment vehicles, I was shocked to find that many green companies were just “washed green” with their philanthropic giving. I highly recommend overseeing what you invest in. For example, I have invested in aligned initiatives such as Jungle Project and other women-led organizations. I have also invested in my family’s farm project in our backyard. Land capital and stewardship can be far more fulfilling than just a monetary investment. 



The idea of cryptocurrency is to decentralize the banking system and put economic power into the people’s hands. I recommend purchasing Bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies you like because a select few individuals in charge of the entire global monetary system should not control the future. And remember, never invest more than you would feel comfortable losing! 



It is crucial to invest in yourself. If you are your best self, comfortable in your own skin, and full of gratitude for life and joy in the small moments, then you will attract more of that. Like attracts like. Each year, I take at least one retreat or vacation to honor my own needs (yes, this is a privilege). Last year, I attended the Mujeres Fuertes self-defense experience with Toby Israel; a virtual Aphrodite goddess temple with Camille Willemain; a Mindful Magic Women’s Circle with Ciara Lemony; a fermentation class with Lala Palmieri from Weaving Remedies; and a regenerative living class with Sarah Wu at Punta Mona. Invest in yourself; it will come back to you tenfold. 


Time Management

Before I valued my time as I do now, my schedule was booked up with meetings all day. Sometimes I would even accept meeting requests from different time zones and take calls late in the evening. Many of those meetings seemed to last forever, with no real purpose or goal. I would work weekends to make deadlines for clients. 


One day, during my last year in the corporate world, I flipped the switch and took back control of my career and my time. I blocked out full days on the calendar and all mornings and nights to avoid unexpected meetings and focus on completing meaningful tasks. I also blocked out my lunches and exercise breaks to support my well-being and happiness. 


Now, with a different perspective on time, I only schedule recurring virtual meetings two days a week. I try to finish all my office work in short and effective working sessions. I minimize my time reading the news or surfing social media. I even shut off my phone at least one day per week. I don’t want to live in a virtual world, zooming from meeting to meeting every single day. I need to live in the real and tangible world. 


Each week, I also dedicate a day to processing food and creating prepared dishes for the next week, such as root soup, sauces, elixirs, and spreads. A few years ago, I realized that the most expensive products I was buying I could easily make at home. I feel so empowered by fermenting my own homemade kombucha, ginger beer, sauerkraut, and vinegars. The medicines I make elevate me. Creating my own medicines at home saves me from purchasing products with uncertain origins or ingredients.


As I think about financial freedom, I realize that time is a large part of it. We live with fullness and freedom when we cut out activities that are not healthy, set boundaries around work or social commitments, and cultivate discipline with movement and exercise. 



To Conclude: Diversify your Flow of Abundance and Become Financially Free!


Alan and I are blessed to be sovereign and financially free. We are fortunate to drink fresh, pure water and harvest our meals from the garden. I believe that financial freedom is a critical step toward living fully. Financial freedom can help you take ownership of your finances—and, more importantly, your life. The first step to financial freedom is setting your goals and progressing toward them every day! 

When we can live with a perspective of abundance instead of scarcity, our life changes for the better. We attract more abundance. It all comes down to consuming within your means, living simply, and making sure that money is consciously spent on your basic needs.

What are our basic needs? For all of us, these include: 

  • Clean Water
  • Healthy Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing (Secondhand or Local) 
  • Education
  • Electricity
  • Love and Connection 
  • Spirituality 


Consuming consciously and living simply allows us to form a symbiotic relationship with nature. Diversifying our investments, crops, and trades helps us weather times of crisis, such as storms or recessions. As we steward the land, planting and regenerating it, we increase our biological, spiritual, emotional, and cultural capital. 

Financial freedom is about our time, too. When we value our time, we value ourselves, and others value us too. Time is our most precious gift, our most valuable resource. How do you want to spend it?

“My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive; and to do so with passion, compassion, humor, and style. If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” 

—Maya Angelou

Regenerate Your Reality Book & Project.

Regenerate Your Reality is a best-selling book. It is a community project that started in our own backyard with spreading seeds, preserving biodiversity, planting trees, teaching interactive holistic earth workshops, consulting agroforestry projects, and guiding regenerative agriculture tours. Regenerate Your Reality is transforming from our garden and community project into a book and hub for regenerative educational resources online and on the ground, touring with us! 


Our connection to the earth is related to everything else in our lives, so my new book offers suggestions to regenerate yourself, your communities, and the environment. Ready to get deeper into regeneration? Regenerate Your Reality: Your Guide to Regenerative Living, Love, Happiness, & Sovereignty is now available to order. Visit www.regenerateyourreality.com to learn more. 


Much of the proceeds from this book will be filtered back to regenerative community-based farming models and planting trees that feed through Kiss the Ground and Jungle Project!

Jean is the bestselling author of Regenerate Your Reality, a book and resource for those seeking regeneration in their lives and in the world. She is a Jungle Project partner and Soil Advocate at Kiss the Ground. In addition, she enjoys sharing her passions through holistic workshops and regenerative agriculture tours, yoga, and making herbalism.

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