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Land Stewards Mastermind

A support group for land-Based entrepreneurs in Costa Rica
Working toward a regenerative future




* The Land Stewards Mastermind has closed its season.

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Monthly Group Calls

We meet for 90 minutes each week to workshop each other’s businesses for collective impact.

Additional group discussion calls, Q&As, and guest presentations will also be offered periodically.

Weekly Emails

Once a week, you’ll receive a short email introducing and demonstrating some new useful tools or efficiency tactics that I’ve found useful in my entrepreneurial efforts.

Quarterly Challenges

Every three months, you’ll be invited to join us for a multi-day challenge that’ll take you step-by-step along the path of developing some new skill or asset for your business.

Community Support

This Mastermind isn’t just about learning stuff. Its greatest value is in building relationships with other landowners to collaborate in the exchange of ideas, resources, & assistance, as we rise up together.

Operating a business in the 21st century can be difficult to keep up with.  

It’s hard enough to create a product, service, or program, but then you have to figure out how to get it in front of the right people – not to mention present it in a way that’ll catch their attention!

How dialed-in are your project’s offerings?

Maybe you’re still trying to figure out where to start.
Maybe you’ve started something but never really taken it to the level you intended.
Maybe you have that one product, service, or program dialed in but want to diversify and set your program up for resilience.

Do you host guests, students, or volunteers?

How’s that going?
Could you imagine it going better?

How’s your relationship with your employees?

Do they share the same perspective?

Looking for investors or community members?

Where do you start with that one?
Are you even ready for them if they were to arrive?

Ever have admin or tech questions & wish you had someone to ask?

Well, now you do!

You’re not alone!

Nor should you feel like you are!!!

What is a mastermind?

Napoleon Hill coined the term mastermind in the 1920s to refer to:

“The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

The collective mind that results ends up being greater than the sum of its parts.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


Each of our mastermind calls begin with a short contemplation exercise to help you evaluate your program and its approach from a new angle.

Afterward, the rest of the call will be filled with members taking turns describing something they’re working on, with opportunities for other members present on the call to chime in, ask clarifying questions, and offer advice. We’ll take turns until our time together is up.

Shares will be timed to keep things moving.


mistakes foreign landowners make

Starting a Land-Based Project Can Be Hard,
But Sustaining It Doesn’t Have To Be

It takes a unique human to want to buy land and invite strangers in to have physically, psychologically, & experientially transformational experiences. It’s even rarer that that person has the resources to get it started.

Unfortunately, what’s not so unique is the tendency for those unique people to start a project with lots of good intentions in mind but fewer business experiences to back it up.

It’s been said that “We may not have it all together, but together we can have it all.”

In my experience, trying to keep my permaculture education center afloat, I frequently found my ideals and ambitions sufficient to get me to an exciting starting point. Inevitably though, I found myself wishing I had someone to talk my ideas over with – someone to help me sort out the details, ask clarifying questions, so I could discover what I was missing from my framework.


How many times can you call that same friend, who’s owned land for more years than you have, before you start getting shy about it or they become less available?

This mastermind group is your invitation to bring your problems to the table with others who are there to help!



Whether you’re a solopreneur or you work with a team, building alliances with other regenerative-minded change-makers & benefitting from their wisdom will enhance the impact you make on the lives of those you serve.

If more regenerative businesses had exposure to the insights of their peers, they’d be able to reach more people, make a greater impact, and reduce the time needed to achieve their mission.

People like us thrive in co-creative environments.  If you’re one of them, press the little green button, choose your level of commitment, and catch the next call!


Interested in a 1-on-1 call?

I’m Here to Help!


Book a private session with me focused on your project, exploring ways to make it more efficient, reach more people, and expand on ways for you to make your ecologically & socially regenerative project financially regenerative.

In this Clarity Call you can share what you’re working on and where you’d like support making it better. After understanding your needs better and what I might be able to offer, we can see if we’d be a good fit to work together toward your goals.

I offer Permaculture Design Services, helping entrepreneurs to evaluate their business model in the same way that a land developer would plan their village. We’ll lay out an intelligent design and a map for follow-through that will be the new foundations for your success.


About Jason

Permaculture Podcaster & Cultural Bridge Builder

As Creator and Podcaster at Regeneration Nation Costa Rica, I’m on a mission to promote & network regenerative projects in CR to enhance their chances to make a positive impact & thrive.

As a permaculturist with a background in business, I’ve begun to bridge ecologically-focused entrepreneurs with the 21st-century tools and business practices I’ve found useful in my own endeavors.

In 2009, I founded Finca Fruición in Pérez Zeledón and hosted several hundred volunteers, interns, and students, produced events, taught a little, and learned a lot.

After a dozen years dedicated to that land project, I’ve transitioned my focus to regional resilience and nationwide networking. The Sharing Insights Podcast was my first step along that path.

After a year of podcasting and understanding better the needs of that audience, Regeneration Nation Costa Rica was born to unite regenerative enterprises around the country to increase the impact we can make together.

Beyond that, I’m a father, musician, Thai massage practitioner, whole foods artist, and navigator of the mystery.

Community Engagement

These Mastermind calls are just the beginning.
I’m here to learn what regenerative-minded entrepreneurs need most and co-create solutions with them. To get that moving, I’ve called together this mastermind process for us to begin helping each other with whatever’s alive in us now, knowing that whatever comes next will be a celebration of the mystery unfolding…

Live Events

The first Regenerative Business Incubator for Landowners launched in November. A small group of visionary project leaders spent 4 days together going deep into what’s working, what’s not, and helping each other through course corrections. The event kicked off a 4-month “coheart” of continued learning and support.  We’ll be announcing our next one soon.

Private Consultations

You and I will spend 3 months applying the permaculture design approach to your business model. Uncover new ways to add resilience to your systems, while creating new systems with resources freely available to you. Through a series of insight-inducing excersies you’ll come to clarity around how well your previous assumptions are working and where you’ll be wise to adjust them.

If I only had an hour to solve a problem, I’d take 55 minutes to consider the right question.
– Abraham Lincoln

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the format of these Mastermind calls, and what is a "hot seat"?

During each call, the 10 members who RSVP for a “hot seat” will get a turn to:

– Introduce themselves & their projects
– Share what they’re celebrating or grateful for
– Announce any opportunities they’d like to offer to members of the group
– Describe a challenge that they’re facing or something they would like feedback on
– Receive clarifying questions from other members on the call
– Receive advice from the community

Those who are not in the hot seat will be able to contribute their wisdom to those who are, learn from others, and enjoy the enrichment of the environment until it’s their turn.

How many calls a month will there be?

This will depend on how many members are present. We’ll start with four Mastermind calls a month and, as we grow, I’ll add extra dates.

We’ll also have
– Once a month group discussion on a topic of the collective’s choosing. 
– Once a month live Q&A
– Occasional guest presentations

How do I RSVP for a hot seat?

You can reserve a spot as soon as 14 days ahead of time. This decision is to keep people’s commitments fresh.  At that point, anyone qualified to reserve a hot seat for one of the following two Wednesdays may do so by visiting the signup page in the member portal until seats for that call are filled.

Entry-Level and Premium members can sign up for one hot seat per month.
All-In members can sign up for many as 4 hot seasts per month.

You’ll receive a link to the reservation page upon registration.

What can we discuss or ask for help for during our time in the hot seat?

The short answer is – Anything!

While the weekly emails will be focused on Admin, Tech, and Operational topics, the calls and private members’ group are designed for you to get support with anything you need.  From land management, to managing guests, to marketing, to community-related issues, anything!  It’s your time. We’re here to help you clarify your situation and discover unseen solutions.

How do I watch the replays and other bonus material?

As a member of the Regeneration Nation Mastermind for Landowners, you’ll receive a login to the private membership site, where you can access the replays and other member-only content (as per your membership level.)

What's a Multi-day challenge?

4 times a year, I’ll be guiding active members through a step-by-step process to implement some new tool or asset into their business. These will range from building your Community Living Agreements, to creating a Training Manual for staff and/or guests, to creating re-usable multi-media Tours of your project, and more.

What's RegeneraVida?

RegeneraVida.com is a new social media site that’s been built to unite the regenerative movements in Costa Rica.  It’s an alternative to FB where we can connect without all the noise and profit-driven algorithms.  Prying ourselves away from the metaverse might be tough for some, but RegeneraVida has made it easier.

Much like a private FB Group, this is a place where we can connect, request support from our community, and continue conversations that are begun on the calls.

Any additional Questions?

I’d love to hear from you.  Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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