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Living off-grid in the countryside isn’t the only way to live a regenerative lifestyle.
(Although we can help you with that too!)

Regeneration Nation CR helps you shorten the learning curve, as you move forward with your sustainability dreams and path of positive impact.

Save yourself some time, money, and heartbreak by learning best practices from seasoned change-makers,  instead of reinventing the wheel.

Regenerative Agriculture, Business,
& Communities in Costa Rica

Regeneration Nation CR’s Mission

We share stories, strategies, and insights from ecologically & socially beneficial projects, in Costa Rica. These stories provide businesses and landowners everywhere access to unique ideas for how they, too, might design their own business models for regenerative success and impact.

In the end, we hope to see more people succeed in their dreams to live & work in ways that are beneficial to the environment, living beings, and future generations.  

It’s great to have you along!

If you dream of directing your entrepreneurial efforts for ecological and social benefit, we have some empowering stories lined up for you.
No matter if you’re a new business owner, actively preparing to launch your entrepreneurial journey, or a veteran who wants to expand your own perspectives for who’s doing what and how you might improve your model, you’ve come to the right place.

Join us as we explore an array of organizations seeding regional resilience, from permaculture farms, retreat centers, alternative economic models, international communities, green energy providers, and certification agencies, to NGOs and government initiatives committed to reshaping the options their citizens have to live a low-impact regenerative lifestyle.

The one common golden thread amidst the stories you’ll find here is a commitment to developing lifestyles, businesses, and cultures that operate in harmony with nature and the common good.

Jason Thomas

For me, it all started with the Back-To-The-Landers!

If you review any of our first dozen or so episodes, you’ll see that I began the Sharing Insights Podcast with a strict focus on land-based projects.  There are thousands of people around the globe who are passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle and who either have or want to start an eco-friendly land-based project.

While recording the first season, I began to realize that for these landowners to significantly improve the impact they’re able to make, we’d do well to open the conversations and perspectives up to understand what change-makers are doing to cultivate success at various levels of industry and ingenuity.  I saw usefulness in building bridges between the grass-roots movements and those focused on larger-scale impact.

We’re all in this together.


Regeneration Nation Costa Rica is the evolution of that vision.

Recognizing that these projects were only a part of what’s needed to help Costa Rica achieve its goals toward carbon neutrality and cultural evolution, I’ve decided to widen the scope and include other regenerative initiatives that aren’t exclusively land-based. 

By sharing insights among leaders of an array of regenerative organizations, it’s my goal to expand perspectives of how sustainability can be practiced, not only through responsible land management but also through social dynamics, cultural exchange, commerce, and finance as well. 

I like to believe that beneficial relationships are likely to grow here.


 Join us as we:

  • Discover exciting programs designed to create regional resilience
  • Explore advice for how to most effectively lower your carbon footprint
  • Highlight and support this new generation of impact-driven pioneers
  • And dig deeper into what it really takes to lead the way for the millions of people who are searching for a place where they too can learn, change, and grow.

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Don’t Envy The Change Makers – Be One!

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Farm to Table Food Forests Feeding a Permaculture Hotel/Restaurant (Nico Botefur: Essence Arenal)

In this episode, we hear from Nico Botefur of Essence Arenal, an eco-lodge, restaurant, and food forest nestled just across the lake from Volcano Arenal. Nico is another one of those mavericks who’s taken pasture land and turned it into a regenerative food forest and hosting grounds for transformational experiences. In this video, we take a tour of some of the ways that Nico is using cyclical resource systems, channeling waste products back in, to feed future harvests. Between his podcast interview and this farm tour, we hear about a number of approaches to build fertility, beauty, and profit, including: Building a hospitality and restaurant business to bring money in to feed the...

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I really appreciate what Jason is doing to make a difference on our planet, right now.  Thank you for the wonderful time that we shared in making the podcast.

Suzanna Leff

Finca Amrta

It is really encouraging and inspiring to see like-minded people coming together and Regeneration Nation Costa Rica being a key driver in connecting these people. It was a great pleasure to meet Jason and I am looking forward to hearing more.

Lynx Guimond

Sail Cargo

Jason Thomas is an incredible guy! Right now, he is collecting information on how to make the world a better place, and whether you have information to give or want to receive this information, I highly recommend Jason and Regeneration Nation Costa Rica. 

Justin Dolan

The Permaculture Country Club

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#000 Jason Thomas – What is (was) the Sharing Insights Podcast?

This brief episode was created as an introduction to the first season of the podcast, under the brand Sharing Insights Podcast.  While Regeneration Nation Costa Rica opens the conversation to a broader focus, listening to this episode will give you a feel for how it all began. You'll also get to hear my story and journey from traveling to communities around the world to owning my own land-based project here in Costa Rica.  The takeaway from this episode is that this is a journey we must take...

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