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Regenerative Agriculture, Business, & Communities in Costa Rica

Exploring who’s doing what to bring CR toward ecological and social wellbeing. 

 Join us as we:

  • Discover exciting programs creating regional resilience
  • Highlight and support impact-driven pioneers
  • Visit leading ecovillages, retreat centers, permaculture education centers, social activists, community organizers, and green energy providers.
  • And dig deeper into what it takes to lead the way for the millions of people searching for a place where they, too, can learn, change, and grow.

Dear Listeners,

I got into the podcasting game to connect, promote and learn from land-based projects rooted in permaculture, community, and education and I wanted to share what I was learning with other mavericks in the regenerative space. 

Since I began that journey, the ways in which I’m called to serve this movement have become more clear. Time has come for us to start building bridges between the grass-roots movements and enterprises focused on larger-scale impact.

It’s also imperative that we focus more on building resilient cultural bridges to foster greater connection, respect and understanding.

By sharing insights among leaders of diverse regenerative organizations, my goal is to expand perspectives on how sustainability can be practiced, not only through responsible land management but also through social dynamics, cultural exchange, commerce, and finance.

We’re all in this together. We have work to do. Let’s get to it!

– Jason Thomas

How can we best support you?

Whether you’re a new business owner, actively preparing to launch your entrepreneurial journey, or a veteran who wants to expand your perspectives on who’s doing what and how you might improve your model, you’ve come to the right place.


Tune into inspiring stories and practical wisdom from trailblazers redesigning business, agriculture, communities and lifestyles.


Collaborative containers for group learning, accountability and collective innovation.

Online Courses

Immersive, self-paced training to upskill in key regenerative principles, practices and business models.


Get 1-on-1 assistance in designing and implementing regenerative strategies for your business or community initiatives.


Growth-inducing opportunities to learn, connect, and grow as a member of an inspired community of change-makers

Resources Library

Curated tools, templates and partner offerings to accelerate your regenerative journey.


Eco-Village Tours

12 Day – Costa Rica Ecovillage Tour

Tour Dates:  Jun 9-20 2024  &  Jan 12-23 2025

Join the eco-adventure you’ve dreamed of is waiting for you in the lush lands of Costa Rica. Home to dozens of the world’s leading ecovillage projects, we’ve chosen a selection of the most diverse and inspiring examples for you to experience. Thanks to years of relationship-building with these communities, you’ll get access to the founders, residents, and incredible architecture otherwise unavailable to common visitors.

This isn’t just another vacation – it’s an immersion in a new way of being.


7 Mistakes regenerative entrepreneurs make and how to champion them.

Get a head start and learn from the wisdom.

Create a virtual farm tour in 7 steps using only your laptop.

Make your first farm tour video in less than 30 minutes and make tomorrows guests happy today!

Regeneration Nation Poscast Season 1 Recap

Check out the 6-part recap of what we learned from our season 1 guests! Insights in a nutshell.

Check Out Our YouTube Playlists.

We share stories, strategies, and insights from ecologically & socially beneficial projects, in Costa Rica.

Regenerative Partners

Regenerative Living Certification

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  • Agroforestry & Regenerative Agriculture techniques.
  • How to build soil.
  • Herbalism tools and wisdom.
  • How to work with fungi, bacteria and fermentation. 
  • Applications for zero waste and circular economy.
  • Practices to purify the body and regenerate the mind.

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Eco-Aligned Business Design is a 6-week program that will help you establish a solid foundation for your regenerative enterprise in alignment with your ethics and lifestyle goals.

I’m here to support you in the areas of business development, community building, and cultural bridging.

Explore your project through the permaculture lens to clarify the viability of your current plans while exploring perspectives for what other approaches might serve you.

Online Courses

Design Your Regenerative Enterprise with Permaculture Principles

April 23rd 2024 – Live Online Course – Vault/Library – Full Guide

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Regeneration Nation Costa Rica Podcast

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Recent Episodes

#018 Norman Brooks: Experiments in Community Development and Lessons Learned Along the Way (Punta Mona, Alegria, Ecovilla)

#018 Norman Brooks: Experiments in Community Development and Lessons Learned Along the Way (Punta Mona, Alegria, Ecovilla)

The episode you’re about to hear is with Norman Brooks, Norman is a veteran pioneer in community development here in Costa Rica. Norman found his way to the jungle in a different manner than most of our guests. He followed and supported his children's passions. He’s commonly known by many around these parts as the father of Stephen Brooks, a well-known permaculturist and community leader in the country.    While his backstory gives an impression that Norman has been following in the footsteps of his son’s relentless passion and inspiration, the rest of the interview, as well as most of the other conversations I’ve had with Norman before setting a date to record, reveal him to actually be one of the pillars of practicality and fountains of wisdom that have been instrumental in his...

#017 Ed Zaydelman: Producing Community & Events With Glamping & Other Temporary Infrastructure (Live the Possibility)

#017 Ed Zaydelman: Producing Community & Events With Glamping & Other Temporary Infrastructure (Live the Possibility)

The episode you’re about to hear is with Edward Zaydelman, founder of Live the Possibility, providing guidance for those looking to take the leap into regenerative communities, sustainable neighborhoods, and revolutionary towns that are shaping the way we now live in the world.   While Edward’s story of developing his first land project, Vida, is one that was riddled with challenges and an ending that was very different than what was hoped for, upon inception, the interview is speckled with silver linings and an evolution of approaches that’s brought Edward to be the respected consultant that he is today.   Edward shares how he's taken what he learned from his years creating space at Burning Man and how he's applied that to his retreats in the tropics.    Edward advises...

#016 A Shift In Focus for Changing Times

#016 A Shift In Focus for Changing Times

Hello, and welcome to the first official episode of Regeneration Nation Costa Rica: A Podcast for Change. We’re exploring the A, B, and C’s of co-creating a regenerative culture.  The A's, B's, & C’s of Agriculture, Business, and Community are three of the pillars that we build our societies around. In these fields, some of the most potent innovators are working to create new living paradigms - in harmony with the planet, its inhabitants, and the well-being of future generations.  Costa Rica is recognized as a hot spot for regenerative innovations and attracts millions of visitors each year. While many are simply traveling to soak up a season of pura vida living, a growing number are looking to contribute to and be part of an idealized movement for change.   Who Am I? My name is...

#015 Cultivating an Impactful Belief System (Season 1 Recap, Part 6)

#015 Cultivating an Impactful Belief System (Season 1 Recap, Part 6)

Hey, there impactful believers, What you’re about to read are the transcripts from the last of a 6-part recap series that I did for the Sharing Insights Podcast. When I rebranded the podcast to Regeneration Nation Costa Rica, I pulled most of the episodes from the RSS feed, as the audiobook format of these episodes ended up being different from what I had in mind for the podcast. I’ve left this final installment of that series up for a couple of reasons. For one, I’d intended to offer some kind of recap for the season, and this one turned out to be my favorite of the bunch. It gives a nice overview of some of my guests' finer qualities. Beyond that, it delivers some of the more universally useful truth bombs that I picked up from those interviews. In the end, I wanted to make sure that...

#014 Vagabond Permaculture Podcaster (Part 2 – “For Animals For Earth” w/Jason Bliss)

#014 Vagabond Permaculture Podcaster (Part 2 – “For Animals For Earth” w/Jason Bliss)

*** I made a Recap Series of our Season 1 episodes! *** You get access the downloadable audio version of them at the bottom of this post. This episode is part 2 of my interview with Brandy Montague from her podcast, For Animals For Earth.  In this half of the interview, I shared a bit of advice for travelers looking to visit impact centers as guests, volunteers, digital nomads, or students.  In the end, we’re all really students!   Brandy asked me to share a description of what it might be like to visit a place like mine.  I freely shared some of the comforts along with several of the discomforts that one might expect as part of the package, from composting toilets, harvesting food, being in close proximity to many people for an extended period, and even some thoughts around our...

Meet the Host

Jason Thomas

For me, it all started with the Back-To-The-Landers!

If you review any of our first dozen or so episodes, you’ll see that I began the Sharing Insights Podcast with a strict focus on land-based projects.  There are thousands of people around the globe who are passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle and who either have or want to start an eco-friendly land-based project.

I’ve committed myself to supporting them.
We’re all in this together.

Meet Some of Our Guests


Suzanna Leff

Finca Amrta

I really appreciate what Jason is doing to make a difference on our planet, right now.  Thank you for the wonderful time that we shared in making the podcast.

Justin D

Justin Dolan

The Permaculture Country Club

Jason Thomas is an incredible guy! Right now, he is collecting information on how to make the world a better place, and whether you have information to give or want to receive this information, I highly recommend Jason and Regeneration Nation Costa Rica.

Lynx Headshot

Lynx Guimond

Sail Cargo

It is really encouraging and inspiring to see like-minded people coming together and Regeneration Nation Costa Rica being a key driver in connecting these people. It was a great pleasure to meet Jason and I am looking forward to hearing more.

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