Have you taken your PDC and are still wondering, “What’s next?”

This course will guide you step-by-step toward designing a profession that cultivates your permaculture education into a regenerative livelihood.

Regeneration Nation Costa Rica presents:

Permaculture Business

Design Course

Turn your passion for permaculture into a
purposeful and profitable career!

Applying permaculture to your livelihood is only a design away

Design a Career Aligned with the Lifestyle You Desire

If you’ve taken your PDC and are still feeling like you don’t know where to start in creating a meaningful and prosperous career that aligns with your values and desire to serve people, the planet, and future generations, then this course is for you.

Why this course?

In an era where the planet and its inhabitants face unprecedented challenges, the call for innovative, sustainable solutions has never been louder. Drawing inspiration from the principles of permaculture, this course offers a unique lens through which to view and grow your business.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or at the cusp of your journey, the journaling. research, and relationship-building exercises are designed to equip you with the insight, knowledge, tools, and community support to thrive.

Cultivate a Regenerative Livelihood guided by a Holistic Business Plan

Cultivate right livelihood supported by a viable business plan

Assemble a comprehensive business model with a plan for implementation.

  • Follow along at your own pace with pre-recorded training sessions and a library of resources
  • Build content and clarity through the included workbook’s insight-inducing exercises
  • Clearly define your vision, mission, and who you aim to serve
  • Uncover your goals, limiting factors, and forms of capital for holistic planning

Design your enterprise in context of your lifestyle & goals

Your regenerative enterprise should weave harmoniously with your goals, ethics, and available resources.


  • Contemplate your goals and limitations along with those of your clients
  • Plan your business growth in strategic, resilient phases
  • Make decisions holistically, using permaculture as your guide

Attract your ideal eco-aligned clients

Feel confident describing the value you provide to your ideal clients.

  • Identify your customers’ needs through organic market research
  • Build relationships and provide solutions based on their needs
  • Design services from patterns to details to meet those needs
  • Learn various strategies designed to help you find your tribe

Let's do it together!

Become part of a supportive community that keeps you motivated and accountable.

  • Members-only access to all comprehensive course materials
  • Get feedback from a community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Explore the wisdom bubbling up from within you and others
  • Embrace continuous learning, maintenance, and iteration

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for anyone who has a passion for making ecological or social impact and wants to enhance their clarity, experience, and business strategies to turn that passion into a profession.

It’s a complete business design course that can take anyone from ideation to implementation. Any PDC graduate who wants to deepen their understanding of how permaculture can be applied to their life and business will find this course valuable. At the same time, students have reported that this course would be valuable to anyone wanting to start a business, permaculture or otherwise.

Anyone who’d like to deepen their understanding of holistic business development will find this course to be a valuable asset.

Whether you’re just starting out and still unsure what you have to offer, or you’ve been offering your services to clients but are still struggling to make the business efficient and financially regenerative, this course is for you.

Meet Your Instructor

With over 20 years in the permaculture movement and a background in business, I bridge ecologically focused entrepreneurs with 21st-century tools and business practices I’ve found useful in my own endeavors.

As a co-founder of the Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology and the voice behind Regeneration Nation Costa Rica, I’ve dedicated my life to bridging the gap between permaculture principles and contemporary business strategies.

I offer consultation for ecologically and socially regenerative entrepreneurs committed to strategically setting up their businesses for success. I’m driven by a passion for empowering visionaries to become ambassadors for a more sustainable humanity.  


Among all entrepreneurs I help succeed, permaculturists hold some of the greatest potential to make the critical, lasting change we need to see in the world. 

Join me on this adventure and become one of those who make it!

A Few Words from Folks Who’ve Worked With Me:

The information shared in this course has been fantastic. The lessons follow the permaculture principles and their application in a very clear and insightful way. This course isn’t just for those with a PDC who want to start a permaculture business; it’s valuable for anyone interested in starting a business using these principles.

Brooklyn B.

Permaculture Student

The workbooks and exercises are worth the price of admission. This course helped me refine my goals and the life I want to live (my Why) and better identify my ideal customer. I was not solid in marketing, so that aspect helped me a lot. Jason is an enthusiastic instructor, and I look forward to the class sessions every week. The course material has exceeded my expectations, being much more detailed and interactive than I anticipated.


Scott M.

Permaculture Podcaster, Thriving The Future

This course helps bring the noble ideas of the permaculture principles into practical business applications. The exercises that clarify your values, motivations, and unique offerings are helpful in creating an inspiring and sustainable enterprise. Jason consistently provides invaluable insights from his extensive experience and generously gives his time and attention to support each student.

Ryan P.

Permaculture Student

When I met Jason, I had just finished my PDC and wanted to start doing designs professionally. I was inexperienced and found it difficult to map out the needed elements of a permaculture business.

Jason assisted me in clarifying the scope of my operations, gradually increased my confidence in my abilities, and provided me with lots of boots-on-the-ground advice. He helped me recognize my strengths and capabilities, and I found his advice to be very practical.

Taylor S.

Permaculture Designer, Bowing Branches

Having never managed a business before, I greatly value Jason’s practical and easy-to-apply guidance. The time and energy invested into cultivating clarity around my deeper desires and those of the clients I’m serving have paid off manyfold in these first few months, and that benefit will continue and grow well into the future.


Travis B.

Permaculture Designer, REGENESIS Permaculture Design and Education

We lucked into working with Jason! He’s been instrumental in refining our process at each step of our growth. His processes have brought us clarity in our long-term growth considerations and planning for potential challenges and bottlenecks.

He brings a critical eye to processes, a warmth of spirit to communications, and an open, supportive manner when collaborating with our team.  You won’t go wrong working with Jason; your projects will greatly benefit from his support and systems.

Jesse T.

Program Services Manager, Permaculture Institute of North America

My Passion For Regenerative Entrepreneurship Has Been Featured On:

Manifest Your Impact Potential With The

Permaculture Business Design Course

This course is a dynamic business-building blueprint from a seasoned permaculture entrepreneur who’s spent years learning conventional business-building strategies with the goal of empowering a new wave of regenerative entrepreneurs. 

Engaging with these strategies could easily save you many thousands of dollars in assumption or impulse-driven decision-making. It’s also likely to get your dream career launched ten times faster than you would winging it on your own.

Here’s how…

Your Holistic Design Package

Besides the comprehensive, step-by-step video course, you’ll also get access to these bonus trainings and resources to guide you on your way!

"From Patterns to Details” Workbook

Create and assemble the pieces needed to design your business the permaculture way, helping you identify your niche, determine ideal price points, create your offer, and assemble your business plan.

Resource Vault

Access a growing library of members-only blogs, video trainings, and other resources to support you at various steps of your ideation, development, and growth.

Responsive Support

Responsive support in-between calls, through our private space at PcX: The Permaculture Crossing to make it faster and easier for you to move through the course material because whenever you have a question, all you have to do is ask.

Office Hours with Jason Thomas

No matter how stuck you might get in the process, if you feel like an email or message won’t solve it, you’ll have the chance to talk to me one-on-one during weekly Office Hours, until September 20th, to get the support you need.

(After September 20th, you can continue attending office hours as part of the Permaculture Professionals Program.)

This is a unique opportunity to design your livelihood through the permaculture lens!

This course is perfect for any purpose-driven permie, ready to turn their passion into a Regenerative Livelihood!


The Permaculture Business Design Course includes:

  • A comprehensive 16-module video instruction for how to design a business you’ll be grateful for. 
  • Access to our private members area with group feed and messaging to connect with others taking the course for accountability and support.

Plus these Additional bonuses:

  • “From Patterns to Details” Workbook full of actionable insight inducing exercises
  • Members-Only Resource Vault 
  • Responsive Support
  • Weekly Office Hours until September 20th, 2024.

… and with the live support is valued at $1297

But you won’t pay that much. Not event close!

While I’m wrapping up the recordings, you can enroll for just… $497!

Yup, that’s right. This course is my effort to help more permies practice their art in a way that supports a right livelihood. Since this is my first recording of this program, in exchange for the discounted tuition price, I’ll be asking for your feedback on how I can improve it. Your suggestions will turn into revised recordings and additional content which you’ll have access to as it grows.

Be an early adopter. I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

This discounted beta launch price won’t last long, though.
It’s only available until I finish recording the last few modules and begin the Permaculture Professionals Program on September 20th, so get access today.

If you’re ready to turn your passion for permaculture into a profitable career, take this opportunity to design a resilient future. Step-by-step, learn how to transform your permaculture knowledge into a thriving regenerative enterprise.

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

While the value I’m providing is worth many times what I’m charging, I invite you to join us 100% risk-free with my 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If you follow this training and don’t believe the wisdom shared and the path offered is sufficient to create a roadmap to your profession in permaculture, just send me an email within 30 days, and I’ll send you a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I only had an hour to solve a problem, I’d take 55 minutes to consider the right question.  – Abraham Lincoln

Is this a Course Teaching how to build a permaculture-focused profession, or how to use the permaculture method to design businesses?

Both! I’ve been using the permaculture design method to help entrepreneurs of various regenerative-focuses to properly assess, research, analyze, and design their business ideas for more efficient and effective implementation.

What better business to use this methodology on than that of a permaculture professional? There are too many people who have a passion to switch to a more aligned career path or who’ve taken their PDC but lack foundational business skills and confidence to actually begin doing much with what they’ve learned.

I’m on a mission to change that and to use the very wisdom we’ve been taught to practice as the mechanism for making it happen.

What if I still don't have hands-on practice doing design and implementation?

All the more reason to get started. While taking a season off to volunteer on a permaculture farm can be a wonderful experience, it’s neither required nor does it guarantee you the confidence you need to be a professional.

Confidence is built from making designs and implementing them. That’s not to say that you should design someone’s 20-acre homestead as your first client. There are many less risk-intensive options to start building your confidence and portfolio… WHILE making money doing them.

This course is designed to walk you through the steps of gaining experience as you build your portfolio and client-base.

What career options exist beyond landscape design?

The options are limitless! What’s your passion? What does your region need most?

In this course, you’ll explore an array of options for how you can specialize your focus, based on your gifts, interests, and the needs of those around you. Take this course, for example! Permaculture is applicable to many industries.

In the company of 15+ innovative minds, you’ll discover the application that’s right for you. Upon signing up for the course, you’ll have access to a report I’ve created called “77 Ways to Practice Permaculture Professionally.”

How am I going to get my first clients?

Potential clients are all around you. They’re among the people you already know and live amidst. The trick is that most of them don’t really know what permaculture is, so explaining it with the jargon you learned just leaves them lost and uncertain. Taking the time to learn what they need and want (from them directly) is the ticket.

This course will walk you through the process of discovering what that is and designing your business and marketing around it. Through the process, you’ll grow naturally comfortable sharing what you do in a way that’s met with curiosity and interest, because you’ll have learned how to be curious and interested, yourself.

Do I need to start my own business?

Not necessarily.
It’s true – many, perhaps most, successful permaculture “designers” end up starting their own businesses, and this program will walk you through the steps to successfully establishing your regenerative enterprise. It’s also probably no surprise that there are very few job openings available from companies looking for “permaculturists.” However, what you’ve learned is applicable to many trades, and many employers will count themselves lucky to have you on board.

By following the process outlined in this course, you’ll get clearer about what you want to offer and who will find it beneficial. Making an appealing job proposal to an existing organization isn’t too different than pitching your services to an ideal client. With our guidance, unique opportunities will become easier to discover!

What Topics are covered in the course?

The course modules are as follows:

  • Module 1: Unleashing the Potential of Permaculture (Intro and Overview)
  • Module 2: Identifying Your Niche
  • Module 3: The Holistic Context of Your Life & Enterprise Ecosystem
  • Module 4: Design Your Offer Through Holistic Market Research
  • Module 5: Building Confidence Through Experience and Your Portfolio
  • Module 6: Unleashing Your Inner Storyteller: Techniques for Effective Content Creation
  • Module 7: Aligning Your Values, Vision, Mission, and Unique Value Proposition
  • Module 8: Sectors of Influence and the 8 Forms of Capital
  • Module 9: Defining Your Offer, Packages, and Price Point
  • Module 10: An Overview of Permaculture Principles and How They Apply to Business
  • Module 11: Considerations Specific to Design and Implementation-Focused Businesses
  • Module 12: Organic Marketing Strategies
  • Module 13: Function/System/Element Analysis
  • Module 14 Phase Planning: Mapping Your Path to Impact
  • Module 15: A Few Thoughts On Implementation
  • Module 16: Personal and Professional Growth
  • Workbook: “From Patterns to Details” 
  • Other Resources
How do I watch the replays and other bonus material?

As a student of the Permaculture Business Design Course, you’ll receive access to the private membership space on PINA’s Mighty Network, “PcX: The Permaculture Crossing,” where you can access the replays, our communication forum, and other members-only content.

What if I'm not happy with the course?

I’ve been there. I’ve taken several online courses and programs over the years, and I’ve hired several coaches. There was only one time that I felt the program didn’t deliver what it promised, and they didn’t offer a guarantee. That feeling of being stuck is something I’ll never impose on my clients.

If you engage in this material and come to your first calls and feel like this program isn’t designed for your success, let us know. If there’s nothing we can do to make it more meaningful for you, and your request was sent within 30 days, we’ll refund you 100% of the tuition price.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.
Your permaculture career is waiting.

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