Take your next steps on the path
toward lifestyle sustainability!

  • Do you want to live a more ecologically-mindful lifestyle, but still feel like you could use a little guidance.
  • Have you heard of Permaculture, but are unsure how it can help you, even if you don’t own land?

  • Are you eager to shift your lifestyle habits to be more part of the solution than the problem?

This Book is for You!

we need each other

About the author

Jason’s been living the permaculture lifestyle since 2001, with his first stay at an organic farm in Big Island, Hawai’i.

After 6 years of traveling throughout north and central America, visiting permaculture farms and intentional communities in multiple countries, Jason’s life was transformed.  He later became a co-founder of the Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology, in Costa Rica, in 2009. Since then, The Fruition Center has taught and shared the permaculture lifestyle with 100’s of guests, volunteers, and event attendants from all over the world.

Regeneration Nation Costa Rica is his effort to learn more & share more, uniting the wisdom of a collective movement, in hopes that more people will feel the courage to go back to the land, grow food, and practice more connected ways of living in harmony with community and nature.  By learning from those who’ve come before us, we all stand a better chance to thrive!


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