Regeneration Nation Costa Rica presents:

Permaculture Professionals Program

Cultivate Your Career From Patterns to Details

This 3-month Program begins March 25th, 2024

*** Only 15 spots available ***

… Your dream career awaits!

Your permaculture education taught you how to observe, contemplate, & interact with the environment…

But what about starting a business & finding clients?

Embark on a journey where your passion for permaculture becomes a regenerative enterprise. Our Permaculture Professionals Program is uniquely tailored to help you transform your love for regenerative living into a heart-aligned livelihood!

This program is more than just theory; it’s about gaining hands-on experience, building confidence, and finding your unique path in the business landscape. Here, you’ll find a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, all working towards creating a greener, more sustainable future. There are limitless ways that you can practice your passion. Doing large-scale designs and installations isn’t likely to be your first foot in the door, so don’t stress the fact that you don’t feel ready for it.

What aspect of what you’ve learned do you see needed in your community that you’re prime to offer and people eager to benefit from?

This program is designed to simplify complex business concepts, making them easily digestible for those new to entrepreneurship.

An interesting element is that you’ll be designing your business in much the same way you would design a landscape, using a design method similar to what you learned in your PDC. You’ll learn a deeper appreciation for the Principles by working with them in this light.

With inspiring success stories and guidance from our presenters, you’ll expand your perspective on how permaculture can be applied professionally. 

Whether you dream of starting your own business or enhancing the value of what you’ve already begun, we guide you step-by-step to realize those dreams. Let’s redefine what’s possible in permaculture together!

Permaculture Professionals Program is a double feature.

1) The foundation of the Permaculture Business Design Course

2) PLUS the multiplying of a community and experienced coach

This foundation course is a comprehensive self-study vault, that provides you with a structured path to translate your permaculture passion into a viable business

You’ll gain clarity on your unique vision and learn how to purposefully design all aspects of an ethical, regenerative enterprise model.

Includes video training, workbooks, assessments and guided exercises.

Proceed through the lessons at your own pace to develop your business plan, branding, services, marketing strategies, and operations.

It’s a start-to-finish roadmap for the motivated permaculture designer.

For those seeking an accelerated, communal experience, this program combines the entire Permaculture Business Design Course with the transformative power of a small mastermind facilitated by Jason Thomas.

Everything in the Business Design Course PLUS

Cultivate lifelong friendships and sharpen skills through integrated education in a supportive mastermind community

Benefit from accountability partners challenging you to set and achieve ambitious goals for your permaculture business

Exclusive training content guides you through designing a solid foundation for your regenerative enterprise 

Guest expert presentations and lively group discussions expose new possibilities for applying permaculture professionally 

Personalized one-on-one coaching and support from Jason ensures you stay on track toward making your vision a reality

Whether you do it self-study, or with our community.

Use the permaculture methodology taught here to design your permaculture-focused career path!

Permaculture is so much more than land management; it’s a philosophy that guides holistic and resilient design decisions for lifestyle, community development, and business, as well.

Learn to think beyond the conventional, utilizing permaculture principles to craft a career that’s tailored for you and who you’re most prepared to serve.

With expert guidance, collaborative support, and a focus on regenerative practices, you’ll learn to assess your options, build your network, become comfortable talking with clients, and establish automation systems that makes client communications and marketing a pleasure.

Let’s co-create a future where your career choices and your values are stacking functions! 

In this business development program, You’ll find holistic support through:

Member Vault/Library

Exclusive video lessons and resources guide you step-by-step through designing your regenerative enterprise, from vision to operations and marketing plans.

Supportive Community

Weekly group calls, plus an engaged online community, provide feedback loops, accountability, and collaborative support as you implement each module.

Collaboration & Inspiration

Guest expert presentations, case studies, and success stories expand your perspective on possibilities for sharing permaculture professionally and ethically.

One-on-One Support

Private coaching calls with Jason ensure you get personalized guidance translating course teachings into your unique business model and lifestyle design.

Take the time to invest in your invisible infrastructure


Each project is unique. With my experience, systems, and commitment to your success, paired with the collaborative support of our cohort, we’ll dive deep into your vision and desired lifestyle, tailoring the approach to ensure you and your project move forward in a thoughtful and balanced way. 

Regenerative enterprises empower people to spend their time, money, and other resources in harmony with the planet, living beings, and future generations. To improve their chances for success, it’s vital that these initiatives embrace sound business practices that are in alignment with their ethics and values, as well as modern-day wisdom.

Like with land management, by taking the time to assess your business and design it for maximum efficiency, you embrace the opportunity to minimize the potential hurdles present in most business ventures.

The permaculture design method holds the key to revolutionizing the success of start-up endeavors and established businesses alike. It harmonizes the many inspired ideas that creative visionaries dream up into grounded co-supportive systems and a phased path forward.

Designing those systems alone in the vacuum of your own thoughts can sometimes lead to uncertainty and procrastination. Having an ally, or a whole community of allies, to help you sort through your options, ask clarifying questions, offer pragmatic perspective, and provide valuable resources can be invaluable for your business’s success (not to mention your sense of confidence as you explore the process.)

Together is Better

Whether you’re a solopreneur or you prefer to work with a team, building alliances with other regenerative-minded change-makers & benefitting from their wisdom will enhance the impact you make on the lives of those you serve.


Time is of the Essence

If more regenerative businesses had exposure to the insights of their peers, they’d be able to reach more people, make a greater impact, and reduce the time needed to achieve their mission.


It's Time to Activate

People like us thrive in co-creative environments.  If you’re one of them, make the commitment to harness that power for the good of your project, the planet, and the next 7 generations.

Hi, I’m Jason Thomas

With over 20 years in the permaculture movement and a background in business, I bridge ecologically-focused entrepreneurs with the 21st-century tools and business practices I’ve found useful in my own endeavors.

As a co-founder of the Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology and the voice behind Regeneration Nation Costa Rica, I’ve dedicated my life to bridging the gap between permaculture principles and contemporary business strategies.

I offer consultation services for ecologically and socially regenerative entrepreneurs committed to strategically setting up their business infrastructures for success. I’m driven by a passion to empower visionaries to become ambassadors for a more sustainable humanity. 

Among all entrepreneurs I help succeed, permaculturists hold some of the greatest potential to make the critical lasting change we need to see in the world.

Join me on this adventure and become one of the ones who makes it!

In the Permaculture Professionals Program

You are not alone, you are member of a mastermind!


“The coordinated knowledge & effort of two or more people, working toward a common purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”

– Napoleon Hill, 1920

A mastermind is greater than the sum of its parts.

Mastermind groups offer invaluable oppertunities, including:

Networking with those finding succes in permaculture.

Sharpening your existing skills

Integrating education, connecting what you learn and the real world.

Brainstorming solutions and effective strategies.

Accountability, this means completing goal you might not have otherwise.

Contribution, fulfillment, and life-long friends

Challenge, time with those pushing themselves to do hard things.

In short, Support!

What this mastermind looks like in action

Each of our mastermind calls begin with a short check-in & a contemplation exercise to help you evaluate your program and its approach from a new angle.

Afterward, the rest of the call will be filled with members taking turns describing something they’re working on, with opportunities for other members present on the call to chime in, ask clarifying questions, and offer advice. Shares will be timed to keep things moving.

The experience concentrates creative solution-making power into a powerful opportunity for collective growth.

A few words from folks I’ve been working with

When I met Jason, I had just finished my PDC and wanted to start doing designs professionally. I was inexperienced and found it difficult to map out the needed elements of a permaculture business.

Jason assisted me in clarifying the scope of my operations, gradually increased my confidence in my abilities, and provided me with lots of boots-on-the-ground advice. He helped me recognize my strengths and capabilities, and I found his advice to be very practical.

Applying the permaculture method to business coaching felt both wise and effective. His insightful commentary has been motivating me to step into the unknown. I definitely encourage anyone who’s starting a new venture to jump on a call with Jason and see what he has to say.

Tayler S.

Permaculture Designer, Bowing Branches

Having never managed a business before, I greatly value Jason’s practical and easy-to-apply guidance. The time and energy invested into cultivating clarity around my deeper desires and those of the clients I’m serving have paid off manyfold in these first few months, and that benefit will continue and grow well into the future.

Jason’s practical, clear, and articulate communications have been built upon years of experience and dedicated study. Having worked with Jason and knowing what I now know, I can confidently say that he guided me from floundering to flourishing.

During the calls, I felt empowered, heard, and supported, and I’ve received a lot of helpful information. I know there’s still more to learn, so it’s nice to know I can show up again when I’m ready for more.

We can go much further when we work together and share our strengths and experiences with one another.

I recommend anyone wanting to make the world a better place through growing their enterprise to join the mastermind to connect with other souls on a similar journey. We can all benefit from each other’s experiences and insights. It’s teamwork that makes the dream work.

Travis B.

Permaculture Designer, REGENESIS Permaculture Design and Education

I have land in Costa Rica and was planning to do a fundraiser to develop it. I was having a hard time keeping up with the steady change of things, feeling alone with the project, and dealing with the high costs of development.

Jason helped me with insights and information about what the project was going to need, especially if I wanted to develop it using crowdfunding. Our time together helped me develop a more detailed view of the project and more clarity about the steps needed to do things right.

I liked his direct approach, honesty, good insights, and knowledge of different business models. He gave me some good ideas for networking possibilities. I like his methods and look forward to starting again when I’ve raised the needed funds to build my dream how I want.

Corey T

Social Worker, Heart Space

We bought a farm in Costa Rica in 2019 and wanted to find ways to make it profitable and sustainable in a way where we can serve humanity with our healthy living concept. 

In our time with Jason, we found out what works and what doesn’t work in Costa Rica. We found out about other projects, their challenges, and how they dealt with them. Also, we learned smart ways to work with a farm and how to implement powerful strategies. 

I learned not to burn money like I did in the past.  Lots of landowners are burning out in the amount of work and losing the relationships with their partners they came here with. For anyone thinking of buying a farm in Costa Rica to live a sustainable life, I can recommend this service to keep you from losing money here in Costa Rica like so many others do. 


Thomas R

Wellness Coach, Finca Curcuma

I’d been thinking it was time to get a coach, and when we met, I saw Jason had experience in what I needed. Before I started, I needed help uncovering why I was doing what I was doing. Through some thought-provoking discussions and exercises, I saw more clearly that the direction I was going in didn’t resonate with where I am in life, what’s important to me, and the best way to go about it. With Jason’s encouragement, I was able to pivot with my instincts. 

I like how the sessions are structured to build on each other, starting from a foundation of my values and missions in life. The emails are prompt, practical, and thorough. The weekly homework and instructions are clear and concise.

I’m enjoying the journey and would say it’s been an immense help to be guided through building a business like this. Jason is personable, professional, and extremely insightful. The program and communication are invaluable, and it’s been an overall fun and helpful process.

Kyle J.

Dating & Relationship Coach, Sustainable Love Coaching

Early Bird Discount Now

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$1297  $1011

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Regeneration Nation Presents the

Permaculture Professionals Program

3 Month Mastermind

Begins March 25th 2024

All designed to clarify and propel your permaculture career in 2024.

This program will save you unmeasurable amounts of time, money, and enthusiasm often lost when starting a business with an underdeveloped plan.

Program is $1297 $1011

Farthur discounts are available for Central American and Mexican nationals, contact Jason.

30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

If you decide that this program isn’t meeting your needs, just send us a message within 30 days describing why.

If you truly don’t feel like it’s a good fit, you recieve a 100% refund.

Permaculture Design Principles fortify your business’s infrastructure.

Your dreams will have the heart and confidence to thrive.

Here are a few topics that we’ll be covering in the program…


  • Clearly Define Your Vision & Mission
  • Who Are You Hear to Serve? And What Do They Want Most?
  • Clarifying Your Goals and Connecting With Your Why
  • Uncovering Limiting Factors
  • Legal Infrastructure
  • Identifying the 8 Forms of Capital


  • Identify Profitable Niches & Opportunities
  • Explore Market Trends
  • Identify Your Customers’ Needs
  • Design Your Service from Patterns to Details
  • Get to Know Other Professionals to Network With and Model From
  • Learn to Leverage Social Media to Find Your Tribe


  • What Makes a Compelling Brand Identity?
  • Explore the Wellspring of Wisdom That’s Bubbling Up Inside of You
  • Holistic Decision Making
  • Stacking Functions
  • Identifying Financial Needs and Strategies to Meet Them


  • Applying Ethics and Principles
  • Establishing Your Digital Infrastructure
  • Project Management
  • Zones, Integrations, and Automations
  • Phase Planning
  • Maintenance & The Feedback Loop

The Permaculture Professionals Program isn’t going to leave you hanging!

Bonus #1

1-on-1 Strategy Call with Jason Thomas

We’ve designed this program as a complete guide in the business development process, interwoven with insight-inducing activities to take what’s learned and apply it directly to your project. However, I appreciate the immense value in receiving personal assistance to sort out our ideas and get on track.

To ensure you feel like you have the support you need, you’ll be welcomed to schedule a 90-minute strategy call with me to evaluate your options and clarify the best path forward. You can schedule this session early on or once you get more of your infrastructure laid out, as you need.

Bonus #2

Monthly Q&A Calls

Sometimes the answer to a single question is all you need to get unstuck.

The mastermind calls are excellent opportunities to go deep into supporting each other, but there’s something to be said about a good old fashion Q&A round with someone who’s several steps ahead of you. Each month, we’ll have a 90-minute call dedicated to answering your questions about tech, administration, or any other aspect of the process that has you hung up.

With each member building a similar format of business, the questions of one person can spark inspiration for another. These Q&A sessions are excellent for gaining clarity in what you’ll learn in the prerecorded sessions, support in implementing them, or just having a sounding board to pass your ideas across.

Bonus #3

Email support in-between calls

At any time during the program, if you have a question about the lesson material or homework and want to run it by me, send me an email! I’m dedicated to your success and want you to feel the support you need. Whether it’s content related, customer specific, tech support, or even just a mindset shift that you need help with, you’re not alone.

Just send me an email and I, or someone on my team, will get back to you within 48 hours to keep you moving forward!

This for you if…

Passionate permaculturists eager to teach and apply their knowledge in practical ways.

Enterprising individuals ready to find their niche and set clear goals to guide their actions toward regenerative impact

New permaculture professionals seeking resilience and efficiency in their ventures.

Professionals aspiring to broaden their impact and service scope in sustainable ways.

People who are willing to be honest with where they’re at and ask for help.

…and not for you if,

Hobbyists who aren’t ready to embrace their passion as a business and treat it as such

Those who believe they don’t have the time or money to invest into building a prosperous regenerative enterprise

Business owners not ready to embrace a growth and learning mindset.

People with jobs who are content with where they’re at and aren’t interested in reaching more people and making more impact.

Become a Member of the Permaculture Professionals
Business Development Program

* 10% of all profits from Regeneration Nation Costa Rica are donated to reforestation campaigns around CR!
Proceeds collected through April 2024 will be donated to Community Carbon Trees Costa Rica.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I only had an hour to solve a problem, I’d take 55 minutes to consider the right question.  – Abraham Lincoln

Does it matter where I live?

Not really. There will always be nuances in strategy and implementation determined by local laws and customs, but the principles behind a good design remain the same. The process you’ll learn will guide you to better understand your logistical landscape, no matter where you live or what niche you decide to focus on.

Is this a program to build a permaculture-focused profession, or a course on how to use the permaculture method to design businesses?

Both! I’ve been using the permaculture design method to help entrepreneurs of various regenerative-focuses to properly assess, research, analyze, and design their business ideas for more efficient and effective implementation.

What better business to use this methodology on than that of a permaculture designer/teacher/implementor? There are too many people who’ve taken their PDC but lack foundational business skills and confidence to actually begin doing much with what they’ve learned.

I’m on a mission to change that and to use the very wisdom we want to practice as the mechanism for making it happen.

What if I still don't have hands-on practice doing design and implementation?

All the more reason to get started. While taking a season off to volunteer on a permaculture farm can be a wonderful experience, it’s neither required nor does it guarantee you the confidence you need to be a professional designer.

Confidence is built from making designs and implementing them. That’s not to say that you should design someone’s 20-acre homestead as your first client. There are many less risk-intensive options to start building your confidence and portfolio… WHILE making money doing them.

This program is designed to walk you through the steps of gaining experience as you build your portfolio and client-base.

How am I going to get my first clients?

Potential clients are all around you. They’re among the people you already know and live amidst. The trick is that most of them don’t really know what permaculture is, so explaining it with the jargon you learned just leaves them lost and uncertain. Taking the time to learn what they need and want (from them directly) is the ticket.

This program will walk you through the process of discovering what that is and designing your business and marketing around it. Through the process, you’ll grow naturally comfortable sharing what you do in a way that’s met with curiosity and interest, because you’ll have learned how to be curious and interested, yourself.

What career options exist beyond landscape design?

The options are limitless! What’s your passion? What does your region need most?

In this program, we’ll explore an array of options for how you can specialize your focus based on your gifts, interests, and the needs of those around you.

Take this program, for example! Permaculture thinking is applicable to many industries.

In the company of 15+ innovative minds, you’ll discover the application that’s right for you.

Do I need to start my own business?

Not necessarily.
It’s true – many, perhaps most, successful permaculture “designers” end up starting their own businesses, and this program will walk you through the steps to successfully establishing your regenerative enterprise. It’s also probably no surprise that there are very few job openings available from companies looking for “permaculturists.” However, what you’ve learned is applicable to many trades, and many employers will count themselves lucky to have you on board.

By following the process outlined in this program, you’ll get clearer about what you want to offer and who will find it beneficial. Making an appealing job offer to a corporation isn’t too different than pitching your services to an ideal client. With our guidance, unique opportunities will become easier to discover!

How do I watch the replays and other bonus material?

As a member of the Permaculture Professionals Business Development Program, you’ll receive access to the private membership space on PINA’s Mighty Network, where you can access the replays, communication forum, and other members-only content.

What if I'm not happy with the program?

I’ve been there. I’ve taken several online courses and programs over the years, and I’ve hired several coaches. There was only one time that I felt the program didn’t deliver what it promised, and they didn’t offer a guarantee. That feeling of being stuck is something I’ll never impose on my clients.

If you engage in this material and come to your first calls and feel like this program isn’t designed for your success, let us know. If there’s nothing we can do to make it more meaningful for you, and your request was sent within 30 days, we’ll refund you 100% of the tuition price.

You made it this far, what else do you need to know?

People like yourself who are passionate about the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants are rare in this world. The fact that you took a permaculture design course says that you have a desire to do something with that passion. What are you waiting for?

Whatever it is, this program is designed to help you through it. Make 2024 the year that you bring purpose to your profession. Building a business doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s a series of steps that when properly planned and executed can enhance the quality of your life forever.

As my permaculture teacher, Stephen Brooks often says: “If not you, who? If not now, when?”

Any additional Questions?

I’d love to hear from you.  Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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