Regeneration Nation Costa Rica presents:

Permaculture Student to Professional

Design your business the permaculture way

Channel your passion for permaculture into a successful and meaningful profession!

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March 28, 29, & 30, 2024

Different people get their PDC for different reasons.

One of those reasons is to align their career path with their values. 

Bill Mollison encouraged others to apply the ethics, principles, and methodology to as many aspects of their lives as possible. He also encouraged people who embrace these ethics to step up and become the new stewards of wealth in this world.

So, how does one begin the process of doing that?

By design, of course!

Register for this 3-Part Masterclass Series

June 27, 28, & 29, 2024

Part 1 – Doing Business the Permaculture Way

Build an ethical, earth-conscious business using the permaculture principles and methodology
  • Design From Patterns to Details
  • Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services
  • Obtain A Yield

Explore the fundamental framework of permaculture design as it applies to your business model. Learn to apply sustainable design principles in building a values-driven, ecologically-aligned,  and financially regenerative business model.

March 28th – 11am CST – Zoom Meeting

Part 2 – Market Research and Growing Your Network

Grow your venture through authentic engagement and market awareness
  • Observe and Interact
  • Integrate Rather Than Segregate
  • Use Edges and Value the Marginal

Embrace the power of organic market research to better understand who you want to serve and how best to meet their needs. Learn strategies for successful product and content creation. Build collaborative community connections while cultivating a loyal customer base.

March 29th – 11am CST – Zoom Meeting

Part 3 – Phase Planning Your Next Steps Forward

Design your regenerative enterprise into being
  • Design from Patterns to Details
  • Each Element Performs Many Functions
  • Use Small and Slow Solutions

Benefit from the permaculture design process by staging the implementation of key functions, elements, and relationships in your business in a way that builds a resilient foundation, while honoring the limits of your time and other resources.

March 30th – 11am CST – Zoom Meeting

June 27, 28, & 29, 2024

Grow confidence in becoming an in-demand permaculture consultant, designer, or entrepreneur!








Hi, I’m Your Host Jason Thomas

With over 20 years in the permaculture movement and a background in business, I bridge ecologically-focused entrepreneurs with the 21st-century tools and business practices I’ve found useful in my own endeavors.

As a co-founder of the Fruition Center for Holistic Ecology and the voice behind Regeneration Nation Costa Rica, I’ve dedicated my life to bridging the gap between permaculture principles and contemporary business strategies.

I offer consultation for ecologically and socially regenerative entrepreneurs committed to strategically setting up their business for success. I’m driven by a passion to empower visionaries to become ambassadors for a more sustainable humanity. 

Permaculturists hold some of the greatest potential to make the critical lasting change we need to see in the world.

Join me for these masterclass sessions and commit to being one of them who does!

Do you have any other questions?

I'd love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to reach out.

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