Podcast Interview Details (FAQ) – Regeneration Nation Costa Rica

I’m so excited to have you on the show!  I’ve invited you to join because I really admire the work that you do to make a difference. And I seriously cannot wait to talk to you more!


Contact Me:

  • Phone text or call: 213.267.2043
  • DM me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foranimalsforearth/


It is really important that you wear headphones for our interview and find a quiet place to talk.  The type of headphones is not important.  You can simply use the ones that came with your phone.


I use software called StreamYard to do my interviews.  Our interview will be recorded while it streams live to Facebook and YouTube.  It’s a lot of fun to do interviews this way because people can ask questions while we talk.  That being said, it is rare that people actually join, so I don’t plan for it, but it’s always fun if it happens. 😉

How do you join?

  • You will receive an email from me about one week prior to our scheduled time.
  • Please make sure Brandy.Montague@ForAnimalsForEarth.com is on your “safe” email list.
  • The email will include a link to the Broadcast Studio.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to our scheduled start time to make sure that everything is working well.
  • When you sign in, add your business name to your display name, for example: “Brandy (For Animals. For Earth.)”. This will be important in how your name displays during our video.
  • We will go live at our scheduled start time.

Please enter bio, social media links and head shot:

If you would like to get a head start on sending me your bio, a headshot, and a few photos, you can fill out that information here.  If you already have a press kit prepared and that would be faster for you, feel free to email it to me at Brandy.Montague@ForAnimalsForEarth.com.  Thanks!

How do you invite people to watch?

If you would like to invite followers, friends or family to join us for our live taping, please share a link to our Facebook or YouTube live events.  They can click on our specific event to be reminded when we go live.

Facebook Live Events: https://www.facebook.com/foranimalsforearth/live_videos/

YouTube Live Events: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC2PGqrT4Zdx5ZBc21ybaPA/

Where will your episode be aired?

When our interview finishes, it will automatically be available on Facebook and YouTube.  I will use the audio to prepare the podcast episode, which will air on all major podcasting platforms Thursday or Friday that same week, with a corresponding blog post on our website.

Your episode will also be advertised with a short promo video on our InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest channels.  And it will be sent out to our email list.

Please share your episode:

We are still a new resource and hope to continue to grow the difference that we can make for animals and the earth.  If you’re willing to share your episode, we would be incredibly thankful.  You can use the links below.  I will also tag you on the social media handles that you gave us when you scheduled your time on the calendar.  If you have any additional handles, please email them to me.

  • Preferred method: Blog post (Find your episode and click on the thumbnail.  Audio, video, and show notes are all centralized in one place here.)
  • Podcast Platforms (links to all major platforms under “Where to Listen”)
  • YouTube full video
  • Facebook full video

Rate & Review?

If you have a little extra time, will you pop over to your favorite podcasting platform and rate and review us?  You can do that on AppleSpotify, or Google Podcasts here.  It helps a ton.  Thank you!!

Recommend a guest:

Our favorite way to find new guests is through you.  If you know someone who is doing something to help animals and the earth, please add their contact info here.  Thank you!