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Thanks for your interest in being a guest on Regeneration Nation Costa Rica. In this short form, I’ll ask you to share some information to help me better understand how to best present you to our audience, what you have to offer our listeners, and how I can best promote your product or service.

The theme of the podcast is highlighting who’s doing what to bring Costa Rica toward environmental and social well-being and what listeners can do to be involved in the movement.

My listeners are a blend of people who have projects and are looking for inspiration for how to improve on what they’re doing.  The other sector is comprised of people who like to support regenerative projects in Costa Rica and want to learn more about them.

Thanks in advance for completing this form. It’ll help assure we provide the best value possible for your project, as well as for our community of listeners!

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Please choose your preferred option for our interview (online or on-location)*

Select "on-location" if any of the following apply:

  • You have a project that you'd like to have documented visually for our YouTube channel
  • You have an unstable internet connection
  • You're located in Pérez Zeledón and have a quiet and visually pleasing environment for us to record in.
  • In-person visits located more than an hour outside of Pérez Zeledón will have to be coordinated with my seasonal travel schedule.

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