#012 Lynx Guimond: Building a Zero-Emissions Ocean Vessel on a Permaculture Homestead (SailCargo Inc)

Jun 22, 2021

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bio-diverse syntropic food forests?

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Lynx Guimond of Sailcargo Inc. is an adventurous carpenter and shipwright with an inspiring mission.

He’s created a homestead in Costa Rica, uniting a team of over 20 shipbuilders from around the globe to embark on the quest to create a zero-emissions cargo eco-ship called Ceiba, to cross the Atlantic ocean between Central America and Europe. 

He shares the story of how he went from bee-keeping in the mountains to creating a sustainability-focused shipyard from scratch.

Assembling a team of naval carpenters from around the world, he’s imported their expertise to share with the local craftsmen, all aligned in a common vision.

In complement to the shipyard’s mission of revolutionizing ocean travel, the crew’s been developing a sustainable homestead, using slow and small solutions.

In a short period of time, they’ve come to produce a generous amount of organic food for themselves, right at home on their beachfront property!

To top it off, Lynx and crew have been heading up reforestation programs through their non-profit, Trees for Seas!

The food forests and greenhouse are passion projects, built by those who live there and are enriched with filtered greywater systems, composting toilets, and more.

The positive social environment at the shipyard is a reflection of the creative spirit cultivated at Sailcargo.

Curious about the propulsion?

Check out the PDF: https://regenerationnationcr.com/CEIBA-Propulsion

To learn more about their project, check out some of the following:

The Farm Tour Video that we recorded for our YouTube Channel.

Their movie! – Building CEIBA: The Mangrove Years. Check it out right here.




Experimenting with appropriate technologies is a big focus for Sailcargo. 

If you watch the video tour, you’ll get to see several of their innovation on our YouTube channel. 

The principles taught in a Permaculture Design Course lay the foundation for thinking designed to stimulate these kinds of innovations.  The innovations that come from that kind of thinking can be very exciting.  

I’ve found a high-quality, low-cost online course that offers not only all of the recordings from a permaculture design course that was taught by some of the leaders in the field, like Paul Wheaton and Tim Barker, but it’s bundled together with another two-week course that was taught, focusing specifically on appropriate technologies. 

They teach you how to build a Rocket Oven, Solar Food Dehydrator, Biosand Filter, Rocket Water Heater, and more!


Get the Right Knowledge

If you’d like to upgrade your understanding of permaculture and appropriate technologies, with low time and cost commitment, visit Permies.com to learn more!

In episode #012 of the podcast, we spoke to visionary Lynx Guimond of Sailcargo Inc. He tells us about his journey from bee-keeping and building tree platforms in the mountains, to help tackle the massive environmental challenges the modern maritime industry poses.




In this video, we explore the homestead that’s been growing from within the Sailcargo shipyard, built by a team of ‘happy and healthy’ expert shipbuilders from around the globe.


Lynx has assembled this crew to help create a zero-emission ocean vessel set to sail between Central America and Europe.

Learn how they’re taking full advantage of natural resources to eliminate pollution and waste.

From tree planting to custom crafting tools, hear about some of the incredible developments they’ve made and what plans they have for the future.

  • You can see the full-length video of our interview on our YouTube Channel.
  • You can also listen to it on your favorite podcast player or our website on this page.

What a cool project!

    From assembling the perfect team of like-minded individuals forming a worker-owned enterprise to supporting the region creating jobs and planting forests, we’ll dive into some of the incredible ways Lynx is changing the game and building a better tomorrow for all.

    If you want to know more about producing high-producing food forests, in city and suburban environments, I recently came across an excellent course on the topic. You can find it here.

    If you take the course, I’d love to hear what you think.

    Special thanks to Chela Rie for helping me take extra footage of this beautiful place and for accompanying me on this amazing journey!

    Thanks also to Lekan Ayodabo for editing this video!

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