#021 Rodo Saenz: Natural Building Tools, Tricks, and Sage Advice (Bamboo School Costa Rica)

Mar 24, 2023

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Master Bamboo Builder, Rodolfo Saenz, shows us his hand-made tools of the trade

Rodo is a master natural building teacher from Costa Rica who’s been studying & teaching bamboo construction around the world for over 40 years.  

I’ve released Rodo’s full-length interview on YouTube, complete with a visual tour of his handmade tools and a demonstration of a few bamboo building techniques he shows us. Still, I decided to release this shortened version of it for my podcast listeners, cutting out the parts that were primarily visual. 


Firstly we start this interview in front of one of his most recent compost toilet & shower installments he’d made. We talk a bit about the bamboo and cob techniques that he used, as well as the series of week-long workshops that he taught, using these structures as the workstation.


From there, we move into his bamboo workshop, where he gives an overview of his handmade tools – several of them have traveled with him for over 40 years! 


You’ll have to see the video to get the close-up tour! In that video, he also demonstrates a few of his furniture-building techniques.


The last segment of our interview takes us inside his tool shed for a discourse on building with cob and other natural materials.  This is the part that made me want to release an audio version. I was particularly impressed to hear about his use of hydraulic lime as a substitute for cement!


Rodo has since moved on from EcoMaste and is now teaching natural building at a new location in La Florida, further back in the Diamante Valley.  To learn more about his upcoming workshops, you can follow him on Facebook at “Bamboo School Costa Rica.” I also have his email address listed below.


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To learn more about Rodo’s workshops and how you can learn from him, check out:

FB – https://www.facebook.com/BambooSchoolCostaRica 

Email – bamborodo@gmail.com


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Special thanks to Olalekan Ayodabo for editing this episode!

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