#022 Tricia Stapleton: Cultivating Community Resilience through Cultural Connection, Mutual Aid Work, & Trust (Cooperativa Higuerones)

Apr 21, 2023

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Cultivating Community Resilience through Cultural Connection, Mutual Aid Work, & Trust

This episode is with a dedicated community organizer living in the Osa Peninsula, Tricia Stapleton. Tricia shares her embodied wisdom with each question she answers. Relistening to this episode to prepare it for publication was a treat! I had difficulty selecting which portions of this interview to use for the 3-4 highlight reels I produce with every episode because there was SO MUCH amazing content. 

You’re lucky to be listening to this episode right now.


One of the many things that Tricia and I have in common is the responsibility we share as regenerative projects of not ignoring the socio-economic context we find ourselves in. Socio-cultural diversity as a vehicle for mutual aid and the bridging of analog and digital solutions to community building are other topics that I enjoyed exploring with her.


We cover a few programs Tricia has co-founded in the Osa Peninsula. Cooperativa Los Higuerones is a bioregional learning center in the southern zone of the Osa Peninsula, Gulfo Dulce watershed. Its focus is on promoting alternative economic, social, and environmental opportunities. 


From “stone soup socials”, to mutual aid work, emergency food boxes, a CSA program, a recycling program, and a locally operated farmers market… this multi-cultural local resilience organization, Higuerones, is doing it all!


Through that cooperative has been born Manos Cambiatas, a community work-party initiative that you’ll hear more about. Here’s a video that they created highlighting the work of Manos Cambiatas.


Be sure to listen to the end of the interview, where Trisha shares what they’re birthing with the ReGenerOsa collective. Regenerosa has developed a tithing program to fund regenerative projects in local communities.


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To follow more of Tricia’s contributions toward a regenerative world, check out:
Cooperativa Higuerones – http://www.higueronescoop.org/ 

The Regenerosa Collective- https://regenerosa.wixsite.com/regenerosacollective 

FB – https://www.facebook.com/loshiguerones.coope  

IG – https://www.instagram.com/higuerones.coop 

Email –regenerosacollective@gmail.com 


Other mentions from Tricia include:

ASCONA – https://www.facebook.com/asconacr/ 


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