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You’ve got land, and you want to do something regenerative with it.

Awesome!  Now what?

We’ve prepared a uniquely empowering program for visionary landowners & project leaders, who won’t just know ABOUT each other, when it’s over….

You’ll be a PART OF each other’s success!

  Is your land project’s mission to:

  Host guests for educational, wellness, or other transformational experiences?

  Grow unconventional crops for a unique market or to produce value-added goods?

  Run a farm-to-table restaurant or bed & breakfast?

  Build an intentional community with a collective home-based/artisanal industry?

  Or otherwise, create a financially regenerative enterprise that helps make your ecologically regenerative mission possible?

we need each other
mistakes foreign landowners make

Join us for 4 days of connecting with other landowners as we:

Learn about & gain confidence implementing diversified revenue streams.

Learn how to cultivate more harmony between members.

Improve communications with guests.

Develop healthy workforce cultures.

Modify our business models for greater efficiency & impact.

Explore ways to organize & fortify our administrative & project management infrustructure.

Network with other landowners supporting each other in navigating these pathways forward.

This is a connected and engaging weekend, where you’ll develop strategic plans & relationships with other landowners ready to make a deep, lasting impact through their programs.

Reserve Your Seat Today, if you’re:

Motivated to gain greater clarity and confidence in your offerings, by learning how to identify what your people REALLY want.

Ready to STOP pouring your time, money, and dreams into a land project that’s got you spinning your wheels.

Not experiencing the success you thought you would have by now, and are ready for FRESH PERSPECTIVE.

Eager to CONNECT & co-create with a supportive community of ecologically & socially concious landowners just like you…

Meet your guides preparing to take you on this transformational journey…

Jason Thomas

Regeneration Nation Costa Rica

Jason is the founder of Regeneration Nation Costa Rica, a podcast exploring who’s doing what to bring Costa Rica toward carbon neutrality and social well-being. As a permaculturist with a background in business, he’s begun to bridge ecologically-focused entrepreneurs with the 21st-century tools and business practices he’s found useful in his own endeavors.

In 2009, he founded Finca Fruicion, a permaculture education center and homestead in CR. During his dozen years dedicated to that project, he hosted hundreds of volunteers, interns, and students, produced events, taught a little, and learned a lot.

Jason’s been a dedicated earth steward for more than 20 years. His current mission is to promote & network regenerative projects throughout CR, aiming to enhance their ability to make their intended impact and thrive.

Ed Zaydelman

Live the Possibilities / Vida Hospitality

Ed is the founder of www.LiveThePossibility.co, a consulting firm building bridges for people to live their best life and take a leap into alternative living in Costa Rica. His company, VIDA Hospitality, advises on real estate & hospitality development, from personal homes & rental properties, to retreat centers and community developments.

Ed’s been producing events and retreats for over 20 years. During that time, he also co-founded the retreat center, Vida, now operated by Selinas under Ed’s continued advisement. Other of Ed’s clients include Kinkara, Holos, and Zunya.

His mission has been to connect people to the wisdom and tools they need to live their best lives and grow to their potential, serving as a bridge to an alternative way of living. He loves gardening, journaling, and personal development and has a passion for helping usher in a more sustainable and aligned future for humanity and for each other.

Diana H. Dokos

Trust in Flow / The Bodhi Bridge / Casa Alegria / The Butterfly Dome

Diana is the Founder & Director of Trust In Flow, The Bodhi Bridge (A Foundation for Awakening) and Re-Launch Partner for Casa Alegria & The Butterfly Dome. 

She has over 30 years of expertise creating transformational programs, trainings, and initiatives that help actualize human potential, and she is a consultant and advisor to leaders, teams, and their communities. Her programs interweave elements such as consciousness-based education, service, leadership, community development, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, the shamanic/healing arts, and music. 

Her current focus is on team-building, supporting projects that create thriving communities,  re-launching Casa Alegria as a community hub, and developing the Conscious Service & Leadership Institute. She’s passionate about empowering people to be conscious creators, transformational leaders, and models of possibility… consciously, creatively, and in flow.

Terra Fleenor

Emergence Gathering / Uplift Learning Inc

Terra is a mother of three with a passion for education, spiritual expansion, and practical integration. Her efforts to initiate change within the social fabric have launched her on her path of community organizing. 

Terra’s been working with Envision Festival for the last seven years, co-creating in various roles and cultivating an interactive playground of inspiration, creativity, and transformation. 

She was also one of the co-founders of Resonance, a coworking, coliving community in Guanacaste. She spends much of her time playing in waterfalls with her children and launching online courses with Uplift Learning Inc. Terra is soon to launch her new brand: Mama T Synergy: Business Ally and Communications Strategy.

Francisco Grau

Feria Verde in Aranjuez / Nangu

Francisco is a Costa Rican native, a world explorer, and a social entrepreneur. Co-founder of Feria Verde, the most beautiful (and biggest) ecological market in Costa Rica. It provides a direct selling opportunity to almost 100 eco-entrepreneurs and organic nourishment to thousands of San Jose locals. Fransisco holds a Master’s in Regenerative Economics from Schumacher College, England.

Francisco is presently working at nangu.eco to create a replicable model for global regeneration. There, he’s building a stewardship program to convert degraded farmland into analog forests capable of providing food, medicine, and materials.

Regenerating soil, hosting life-long opportunities for local communities, and exploring how new economics can look in the tropics are his passions. His mission is to find answers to how humans can begin relating to Mother Earth in ways that all beings are left thriving.

Diana Chaves

Impact Hub San José / Feria Verde de Aranjuez

A native-born Costa Rican, Diana co-founded Jungle Project, a social venture promoting breadfruit-based agroforestry and social innovation to solve hunger and malnutrition. After 6 years of building the business and completing multiple entrepreneurship and export programs, she joined Impact Hub San José supporting strategic alliances and business development.

Diana has experience in strategic design, business development, and architecture. During her student process, she worked as a research assistant in social architecture and participatory work with vulnerable communities. Currently, she’s a board member of AAMOR (Asociación Amantes de lo Orgánico) / Feria Verde, collaborates with the wellness startup Weaving Remedies, shares advice for the systemic venture Nangu, and offers Complicity Services to entrepreneurs related to sustainable food.

Her passion and thriving vision align with developing the Sustainable Food Ecosystem of Costa Rica and becoming a bridge between dispersed groups.

Itay Hauben Green

Symbiosis Eco Design

Itay is the founder, senior permaculturist, and lead designer at Symbiosis Eco Design, a team demonstrating that human interaction with the environment can positively impact and regenerate ecosystems while providing abundant food and meeting all human needs.

He’s been living in Costa Rica since 2004, applying Permaculture solutions to projects across the country’s various biomes. Using his love of observing and studying complex patterns, he integrates elements and layers of information into synergetic systems, meeting his client’s needs in diverse and contemplative ways.

Itai channels his care for the health of our communities and ecosystems into looking for ways to repair damaged landscapes. He’s found that growing food in a regenerative way is a potent tool to convert many of the world’s problems into solutions.

With the gracious support of

A quick overview of what this weekend intensive has in store…

Thursday, 11/24

3-5pm – Arrivals

5 pm Opening Circle/Orientation

Asking the Deeper Questions


Friday, 11/25

Exploring Clarity Around Who We Are, What We Have to Offer, Who We’re Serving, & What They REALLY Want

Aligning Financial Strategy, Marketing, &
Operations with Your Project’s Vision

Exploring Potential Revenue Streams & Dreaming them into our Reality


Music (Bring your instruments!)


Saturday, 11/26

Shamanic Principles & Practices for:
Conscious Creation, Business Development,
Manifesting Your Dream Team,
& Building Conscious Community

Land Stewardship Models
Navigating CR Bureaucracy,
Cultural Differences, & Integration

Experimentation to Establish Adaptable Products, Services, and Organizations

Group Mastermind Sessions

Sunday, 11/27

Enhancing your Project Management Skills
Building Resilience into your Digital Infrastructure & other
Administrative stuff

Round Table Discussion on
Cultural Bridging

Closing Circle & Check Out by 2 pm

 Who’s This For?

» Landowners ready to streamline their organizational systems

» Landowners who want to set clear smart goals to guide their actions toward regenerative returns on investment

» Program organizers who host guests, students, or volunteers who want to improve what they offer in ways that reduce demand on their time

» Individuals committed to building resilience into their program by finding and plugging energy leaks that are depleting their project’s potential

» Leaders who’d like to become conscious cultural bridges between the local and foreign communities



Who’s This NOT For?


» Landowners who aren’t ready to look at their project as a business and treat it as such

»Those who are unwilling to admit that they’ve been pouring their time, money, and dreams into a land project that’s going nowhere

» Those who believe they don’t have the time or money to invest into saving themselves time & money

» Non-business-savvy business owners who are committed to perpetuating that perception of themselves

» Project organizers who are content with where they’re at, and aren’t interested in reaching more people and making more impact




Join us for this connected and engaging weekend, where you’ll develop strategic plans and relationships with other landowners ready to make a deep, lasting impact through their programs.

Wake up from the All-Too-Common “Build It And They Will Come” Fantasy
and its Accompanying Disappointments

During the precious time we have together, you’ll be able to set clear, strategic goals aimed at guiding your actions toward effective impact and financial regeneration. You can gain clarity and confidence in your offering, learn how best to get them in front of your ideal clients, and meet experts who’ll teach you how to save time, money, and the heartache of wasted effort in your next season of growth!

You may even discover how to bring revenue into your project independent of tourism cycles!

Enhance Your Impact Potential While Reducing the Ongoing Work To Provide It

In this weekend of education and discovery, learn how to attract more paying guests, improve relationships between members, guests, and your local workforce, and more. If the “build it and they will come” romance has faded for you, you might want to join us to explore what’s next.

We’ll even show you how to improve your guest’s experiences while reducing the demand on your time and attention!

The Regenerative Business Incubator isn’t going to leave you hanging!

This weekend intensive is only the beginning!

Bonus #1


9 Follow-Up Calls with your Incubator Cohort

We’ve designed this weekend to focus on several pivotal topics, interwoven with insight-inducing activities to take what’s learned and apply it directly to each individual’s project. However, we know that one weekend, alone, really isn’t enough to make the lasting change we’re aiming for.

To make sure you don’t walk away from this event with nothing more than a head full of information, we’ll be calling the collective back for 4 months of additional video calls, every other week, to further cultivate the sense of community that we’re creating at the event. We’ll go deeper into each of our projects and support each other in our continued growth.

Bonus #2


Invitation to our private member’s group

First, we’re pleased to announce that we aren’t meeting on Facebook.  We’re moving on.

Regeneravida.com is a new social media site that’s been built for the regenerative movements of Costa Rica to connect, free of industry-influenced algorithms. It’s impressively functional and free of the noise that comes with other, more popular sites.

We have a private group where we’ll share resources, ideas, questions, and support. It’s a place where you can post a question to a group of people who know you, build relationships, and carry on with conversation threads that are relevant to you. If you haven’t checked out RegeneraVida, yet, as soon as you register, make sure to drop in, create an account, and contribute to a more regenerative online society.

Bonus #3


Lifetime Access to recordings of the presentations

Throughout the Incubator process, we’ll be encouraging you to take notes and will be guiding you through a number of writing exercises to help anchor in and relate what you’re learning to your unique project’s needs.  At the same time, we understand the value of being able to revisit information once you’ve left the cohort bubble and you’re back on the land trying to remember that great idea that someone shared that you forgot to write down.  You might even want to review the presentations with other members of your project.

To support you in making the most out of your investment, we’ll be recording all of the presentations and will provide you with a link where you’ll be able to review them whenever and however many times you like.

Bonus #4
(This is available as an add-on for Live Stream Attendees)


4 Months Access to the Regeneration Nation
Mastermind for Landowners

Napoleon Hill used the word “Mastermind” to identify the group mind that’s formed when two or more individuals come together, in a state of harmony, for a common purpose.  The potentiality of the resulting mind is greater than the sum of its parts.

The Regenerative Business Incubator can be seen as a mastermind intensive. Still, there’s additional strength that can be tapped into over a prolonged period of time.

The Regeneration Nation Mastermind is soon to be launched, uniting landowners around Costa Rica, with the common purpose of growing better businesses and collaborating on cross-pollinating initiatives.  As an extension of ongoing education, we invite you to enjoy the Mastermind community for 4 months, as part of your admission to the Incubator program.

In this mastermind, you’ll have access to our twice a month 90-minute group calls, weekly emails illustrating a new tool or tactic you might find useful in refining your operating strategies, and a quarterly multi-day challenge, walking you through the implementation of some game-changing practices.

Bonus #5

(This is available as an add-on for Live Stream Attendees)



Join us for our upcoming “Community Living Agreements”
14-day Challange

At the Regenerative Business Incubator, we’ll spend an entire morning dedicated to the topic of communication, community, and creating healthy agreements as a tactic for establishing resilience. There are some aspects of that, however, that we just can’t get through in a few hours.  

In February, we kick off our first quarterly multi-day challenge for Mastermind members – and we’re hoping that’ll include YOU!  During this 2-week program, you’ll be taken step-by-step through the process of revolutionizing the way you communicate your project’s best space-sharing practices to your guests, students, and members.

Open your perspective

to unrealized potentials!

Uplevel your project’s

revenue streams!

Connect with other landowners

ready for the same!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Simply scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out the form.  There’s space for you to request private accommodations if you prefer.

After that, you’re in! We’ll be in touch by email to fill you in on everything you’ll need to prepare.

When and where will this event take place?

Cascade Elysiana is located in San Juan de Dios, near Platanillo de Barú, a short drive up the mountain from Dominical. We’ll send you detailed instructions once you register.

Orientation will start promptly at 5pm on Thursday, November 24th, 2022.
You can check in as early as 3pm.

We’ll have you ready to check out and head home, filled with renewed purpose & direction, by 3pm on Sunday, November 27th.

Is there parking or other transportation options to arrive onsite?

Cascade Elysiana is located approximately 4.5 km, or 10 minutes, down a dirt road from Platanillo de Barú. Parking is limited, so we’ll be providing shuttle service at 3pm and 4pm, from the bus stop located where the road cuts off from the Dominical-San Isidro road.  To request transportation, send an email to jason@regenerationnationcr.com

What if I can't make it and want to attend online?

Thanks to popular requests, we’ve added a live-stream option.  The presentations will be hosted on Zoom. You’ll receive your links, workbook, and other supplementary materials by email once you register.

We’ll kick off on Friday, November 23th, 2022, at 9am CST.

Be prepared for 3 very full days, dedicated to the mission!

The presentations will continue until Sunday afternoon, but we’ll invite you to stay on for a midday roundtable discussion on cultural bridging.

Why doesn't the online option include the Mastermind membership?

The requests for a live stream option came from two types of people.  Those who are out of the country or with their families that weekend. And those who simply can’t find it in their budget to attend.  Those are the people who need this the most.  

While we’re sure those people are likely to join the mastermind as soon as they understand its value, we wanted to make the admission to the cohort as low as we could to make it as accessible as possible. For that reason, we kept the Mastermind as an add-on for live-stream registrants.

How interactive will the Live-Stream option be?

As this is our first time doing this, and it’s a last-minute add-on to the event, we aren’t going to be able to facilitate much interaction during the live-stream.  There may be times when we can take questions, live in the chat, but no promises. Coming to the event is going to be the place for rich interaction.

We will, however, be taking record of any questions you drop in the chat, and the presenters will be able to answer them in our private RBI Cohort group. In that group, we’ll be sharing resources and expanded perspectives of what we learn as the days go by. Online participants will be welcome to keep those conversations going through the weekend and beyond.

What topics will be covered?

Here’s a brief overview:
We’ll start out the journey with a series of exercises helping you to get clear about where you are with your project, where you’d like to take it, why, with whom, and how to understand what those people’s wants and needs are with respect to how you can help meet them.

Next, we’ll begin to explore a range of revenue options, determine which ones might be in best alignment with your project’s vision, and how to take confident steps in those directions.

We’ll dive into methods for creating better agreements, refining our communication of them, and harnessing the power of relationship and community to maximize the potency of what we’re doing.

We have an afternoon dedicated to land stewardship models, navigating CR bureaucracy, cultural differences & integration. We’ll also be discussing ways to experiment with and establish adaptable products, services, and organizations.

On Saturday night, after dinner, we’ll spend a couple of hours in mastermind sessions as we collaboratively help each other work out the kinks in our respective programs.

Before you leave on Sunday, we’ll discuss project management skills, ways to cultivate a healthy workforce culture, and how to build resilience in your digital infrastructure and workspace with some free tools and time-saving methodologies that you won’t know how you got along this far without.  We’ll also discuss ways that you can fine-tune your administrative practices to keep them from becoming burdensome.

We’ll close our weekend with a group discussion on ways that we can create cultural bridges.


What accommodation options are available?

To keep the cost down and maximize the number of people we can invite in, while creating an intimate environment, we’ve priced admission, anticipating the majority of our attendees will be staying in shared rooms. For those who prefer, however, we do have a few private rooms available for an extra fee.

A few of the shared rooms are for two or three people, while 6 of us will be staying in a very comfortable bunk room.

What if I want to commute, rather than stay onsite?

This is a perfectly viable option for anyone who lives in the area.  We have a special price of $555, which includes food throughout the weekend, and access to all presentations, including the evening mastermind breakout sessions. You’ll also get all of the included bonuses to support you in your ongoing education.

To choose this option, please send an email to jason@regenerationnationcr.com, and we’ll send you a special coupon code.

Will the event be recorded?

Yes! We’ll have someone on our team recording all of the sessions so that you can review them after the event.  We’ll need a week or two to get them all edited and packaged up, but once we do we’ll let you know and you’ll have lifetime access to them!

What if I still have questions?

No problem, we’d love to hear from you!

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Make this the year

that changes the course of your project

for years to come!