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Ground your ideas into actionable steps and bring them to fruition!

When embarking on a new enterprise, it’s ordinary to get overwhelmed.

It can be challenging to hold all of your visions for what’s possible in a neutral and contemplative way.

Attachments to our ideals can cloud the process of evaluating risks, benefits, and opportunity-costs objectively.

As a result, hasty decisions can cost us thousands, and indecision can halt progress for weeks, months, or years.

Unless you’re opening a franchise of an existing business model, each step forward can open the door to many new steps that need to be discovered, investigated and executed. The process can lead to unexpected distractions and discouragement.

Having an ally to help you sort through your options, ask clarifying questions, and offer pragmatic perspective can be invaluable for your project’s success, not to mention your sense of confidence as you explore the process.


My name is Jason Thomas. I’ve spent over 20 years in the permaculture/back-to-the-land movement.

In 2009, I co-founded Finca Fruición, a hosting and education center in Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica. In the 7 years the program was active, we hosted a few hundred guests and volunteers from 20+ countries. We hosted PDCs, workshops, and even a couple of mini-festivals. I raised my kids in that environment and went through many stages of growth.

Due to the medical needs of my youngest son, I went back to the Minnesota for a few years, where I began learning and practicing the 21st-century business practices that I’d pushed away during my homesteading years. In just a couple of years, I developed my balloon art business into a booking agency and moved back to the farm with the intention of applying what I’d learned to something more regenerative.

Facing the state of atrophy that the farm was in and the time it was going to take to fix it up, I began to produce a podcast, relying mostly on affiliate sales as my monetization model.

After a year of experimenting with the show, I pulled back, reassessed, rebranded, and relaunched with an expanded mission. I’ve begun producing business incubator events and am soon to launch my first virtual summit, highlighting regenerative programs around the country on the levels of Agriculture, Business, Community, and Government. I’ve created a membership site for Land Stewards and am offering private consultation services.


I know what it means to have to pivot. I know what it feels like to persevere.

And I know that operating a big project without a strategic design and competent guidance from someone who’s further along in the journey can leave one spinning their wheels until they’re burnt out. Don’t let that happen to you.

I’m here to help!

Book a Clarity Call

I’m currently offering a free 45-minute session focused purely on your project, your ideas for it, and how you can re-align your approach to save you the time and money that’s too often lost by “winging it.”

This call is designed to support you in gaining clarity around the viability of the options you’re imagining while opening perspective for what a refined approach might do for you.

Strategy Session

If your experience in the Clarity Call leaves you wanting more, book a 2.5 hours Strategy Call, where we’ll continue going deeper into your options and lay out a road map together, for your success.

The process brings in elements of a permaculture design, but is focused on your business model. You’ll walk away with tools, tactics and resources to get you moving forward with more confidence.

Private Consultations

If you’re ready to make confident steps forward with an ally at your side, I’m here to support you. If we both decide we’re a good fit to work together, I’ll invite you to spend 3 months with me, observing, designing, planning and implementing your next steps forward, through weekly calls and homework.

You’ll uncover new ways to add resilience to your systems with resources freely available to you. 

The 45-minute Clarity Call is obligation-free. I enjoy learning about who’s doing what, and love the chance to sprinkle a little influence to aid others on their way.

Book your call today!

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