Thai Yoga Bodywork

with Jason Thomas


Stretch, Breath, Balance

What is Thai Yoga Bodywork?

Nuat Boran (Traditional Thai Massage) is an ancient healing art with roots leading back over 2500 years ago to India. It traveled and evolved with the Buddhist monks, preparing each other for long periods of meditation, embraced as a practice of loving-kindness. This healing art was eventually adopted in Thailand among the fisher and farmer populations and has evolved into one of the 5 primary branches of Thai Medicine.

This ancient form of bodywork has evolved over the centuries with other oriental medicines and has made its way into homes and healing practices around the world. Practitioners like myself have naturally added techniques from other modalities. While it may not be appropriate to use the term “Traditional”, the modality is often referred to as Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Bodywork.


The session incorporates thumb and palm pressure, rocking, tapping, stretching, and guided breathing to stimulate energy flow throughout the body. Other benefits include:

  • Softening of muscle tissue
  • Release of facial adhesion
  • Enhanced cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation
  • Improved conductivity of the nervous system
  • Disperse stagnation and harmonize the body-mind
  • Increase flexibility & joint mobility
  • Enrich your body’s innate abilities to detoxify and regenerate

What to expect from your session

Arrive to your session in loose, comfortable clothes (yoga clothes or sweat pants and a t-shirt), as Thai Bodywork is done fully dressed without the use of oils. The session is practiced on a memory foam floor mat, using professional body cushions for optimum comfort & mobility.

The first half of the session is generally spent warming up the body with rhythmic palm and thumb pressure along the Sen Lines of the body (energy pathways that follow fascial tissue, blood vessels, and nerve channels.)  With the body warmed up and the energy channels stimulated, we follow up with sequences of stretches and range-of-motion explorations, which serve to increase flexibility and disperse stagnation that builds up in the various circulatory systems of the body from our modern repetitive lifestyles, stress, and trauma.  

Throughout the session, gentle tapping and rocking are used frequently to disperse stagnation, settle the body into its natural alignment, help the muscles relax, and because it feels really, really good.  

Longer sessions may include abdominal massage, extra flexibility training, and relaxation techniques about the head, face, and neck.

These passive stretches create space in your body in ways you can’t do on your own

Host Retreats?

Treat your guests to
a unique experience they’ll remember you for

Rest back as you’re rocked, pressed, stretched, and opened up in a way that reconnects you with you.

Add value to your next retreat

It’s becoming more common for retreat leaders to offer massage to their retreatants. Whenever people are doing any kind of educational or transformational work, they’re processing a lot of information, transcending belief systems, and hoping to release stagnant emotions. This is often done in environments of long periods of sitting in lectures and/or movement exercises.

These experiences can leave the retreatants with physical, mental, and emotional tensions that are best relieved through bodywork. But you don’t just want anyone giving your guests a massage. It’s important to have someone attending to their needs who is both gifted and experienced but who also has a grounded mindfulness practice.

During these bodywork sessions, guests often feel a need to share what they’re going through with the therapist. It’s important to have someone who’s present enough to sit with them without judgment or projection. At the same time, you want a therapist who is mature enough to offer compassion and professional enough to hold complete confidentiality.

I offer you all of these qualities. Gifting your guests and students the opportunity to schedule sessions with me during your next retreat will provide them with a valuable integration experience that will keep them present and in a state of well-being while they’re receiving what you have to offer them.

Click the button and use the contact form below to tell me more about your retreat and reserve a spot on my calendar.

About Jason Thomas

I’ve been practicing Thai Yoga Bodywork since 2003, alongside aromatherapy, whole foods catering, and teaching classes in food preparation. I believe in the value of bringing the sacred into everyday life by the simple choices we make in how we take care of ourselves and each other and what we offer back to the world.

My first training in Thai Massage was at Kalani Retreat Center on Big Island, Hawaii, with Michael Ceraso. After a year of practice, I began studying with Tanya Boigenzahn, of Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness, in Minneapolis, MN. Over the years, I’ve completed 6 levels of Thai training. I’ve also received training in Shiatsu, Reiki, and other hands-on & energy-based modalities. While I incorporate techniques from these other modalities into my sessions, the holistic approach of Thai Yoga Bodywork is the foundation of my practice.

I currently offer Thai Bodywork sessions at my home studio in Guadalupe de Rivas, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica, and am available to support retreat leaders worldwide. I’ve lived in Costa Rica for 14 years and am fluently bilingual.

Give yourself or a loved one the treat of this unique and profound therapy!

∼ ∼ ∼ ∼ ∼

Beyond my practice of the healing arts, I also have a passion for building cultural bridges and empowering regenerative projects to thrive. I do this through my podcast Regeneration Nation Costa Rica and my work as an Entrepreneur Consultant.

To learn more about the contributions I’m making to empower ecologically and socially beneficial projects in Costa Rica, visit https://regenerationnationcr.com.

What my clients have to say

I had the chance to get a 90min Thaï massage a few days ago, and it was a wonderful experience!
Jason is warm & friendly, he is very professional and passionate about his work. He is very precise and dedicated to offering the best service possible, tailored to your needs. I felt some great benefits from this message, and I particularly appreciated Jason’s caring approach; he checked in on me the following day and made himself available to support me with anything that could help me in my process.
I most certainly recommend him.


Massage Therapist

Jason’s Thai bodywork is second to none! His thoughtful, supportive, and collaborative approach works so well for me, and I appreciate how comfortable and trusting I feel in his care. I recommend Everyday Sacred to anyone seeking self-care from a compassionate, experienced, and talented professional—Jason will be your first choice every time!

David John C.

Yoga Instructor

I’m very impressed with this style of massage. The way it included the whole limb or body when working in specific areas felt intuitive and very beneficial. It moved the pain I was feeling out and let in so much light and strength. I would highly recommend seeing Jason for your next bodywork session.

Jill N.

Frame Drum Artisan

Jason’s approach incorporating a variety of healing methods allows for a very customizable session. The abdominal work was phenomenal. I need to book another appointment!
Janelle S.


Words can’t quite do it justice; however, I will say this, my body has never felt so good.

Huge increases in flexibility and energy and a deeper place of peace and comfort inside my body. Jason also helped release a knot in my abdomen that has been there for over a year. Super present, warm healing hands, professional, firm, and responsive pressure that afforded some very deep and needed healing.

Thank you, Jason. It was a journey of physical and spiritual renewal.

Callum F.

Structural Integration Therapist

Jason is a highly experienced therapist with many years of practice and expertise in his craft.

He made me feel super relaxed from the start, a gentle approach and style yet at the same time firm and thorough with his skilled touch.

Highly recommended!

David P.

Trauma Release Counselor

I scheduled some self-care today and had the most AMAZING Thai massage session with Jason Thomas.

Stretching and light yoga are a daily part of my day but I needed to take it to the next level and get Thai Massage for that ultimate relief.

Treat yourself or a loved one with an amazing body work experience.
… highly recommended.

Lumina O.


I located Jason Thomas through regeneravida.com as I was looking for a deep tissue practitioner near to me who was going to be able to help me improve my physical relationship to my body, aches, pains and all; shoulder tightness, minimal range of motion, several issues around multiple foot surgeries, discomfort from having had a baby recently & all that brings.

Jason came to my residence, Yes, he does house calls for a 3-hour Thai massage. I not only felt significantly improved after this session, but I also really enjoyed his methods. Many of the movements are ones I’ve never had any practitioner use, and now I’m questioning why because they are often so simple but so effective.

Since finding his services, I’ve had Jason out for about a dozen sessions. I personally prefer the 3-hour slot because of how comprehensive it is and how improved I feel. He is definitely one of the best practitioners I’ve ever hired, and I’ve easily had over 50 practitioners work on my body in the last decade all around the world. Jason is in the top 3, and he is the #1 for his style in my book. I know when I feel something is wrong, he can make it feel significantly improved.

I’m truly grateful I found Jason and his healing ways, he’s changed my body and its capacities in a relatively short amount of time. When he is providing the treatments I feel very comfortable sharing other issues I have, and Jason kindly provides any insight he can. I feel he’s like a guide of mine now.

In summary, Jason is a must-know in the field. I know he is incredibly talented and that he can help you, too!


Real Estate Agent

Jason was wonderfully attentive to my body’s needs. As always, Thai Yoga Bodywork is incredibly relaxing, and I love how deeply meditative it can be to receive this work. A great way to get energy moving in the body or to maintain such energy flow! Thank you, Jason. It was exactly what I was needing!!

Aaem M.

Shiatsu Practitioner

I have to testify that Jason’s Thai bodywork has been a very healing experience for me.
Jason is a real professional in his knowledge of acupressure points and bodily systems.

During his session, he covers every inch of the body, which has a balancing effect on the sympathetic nervous system. It helped my body to naturally release tension and create a sense of homeostasis.

I highly recommend his services.

Irnia M.

Biofield Analyst

Hi, familia! I’d like to give a shout-out to Jason Thomas for his incredible Thai massage services! I’ve received three 2-hour sessions with him over the last couple of months, and am really happy with my experience. He was very present and sensitive to my unique physical + energetic needs.

I didn’t realize my body was craving such deep releases, but he gracefully guided me into twists and stretches that were so powerful. Beyond guiding my body through stretches, the massage aspect was lovely. He has a gentle yet very firm strength, and I appreciated the depth at which I felt I could surrender.

He creates an environment very supportive of an inward process, at times gently guiding me to take deep breaths, which only aided in the release and deepening. If you’re looking for a massage or if you have a specific pain issue, I highly recommend Jason!

Jamie H.

Nurse Practitioner


Home Studio Pricing

90 minutes – ₡40.000 – ₡60.000

2 hours – ₡55.000 – ₡80.000

3 hours – ₡80.000 – ₡120.000

This is an experiment. Only you can know what you can afford to receive bodywork. The lower end of that scale is what someone living and working in the local Costa Rica economy might expect to pay, including Ticos.

If you charge a premium fee for the services you provide, my hopes are that you’ll consider a contribution toward the higher end.

It’s worth saying that my work is worth the top end, while my desire to serve graciously accepts the lower end. Check-in with yourself and play the game in a way that makes you feel good.


Just book a session!

House Calls

90 minutes – ₡55.000 – ₡75.000 *

2 hours – ₡70.000 – ₡95.000 *

3 hours – ₡90.000 – ₡120.000 *


* Travel fee not included *

An additional travel fee will be added, depending on your location

How long of a session should I schedule?

90-minute sessions are suitable for regular visits

2-hours is my standard full-body Thai session & what I recommend for most first visits

3-hour sessions are great for active individuals who like lots of stretching or those who need deep restorative work

(Rates are listed in colones, but I accept Bitcoin as payment, as well as dollars.)

To schedule a time that works best for you, click on your preferred session length below

Why I Offer a Sliding-Fee Scale

I offer a sliding scale because I want to widen the margin of those who feel that they can afford bodywork. I acknowledge that our world is not one of fundamental economic equality.  

The average going rate for bodywork therapies in this region ranges around 30.000-40.000/hr.  For a professional who’s crafted their talent over many years and who can directly alter the well-being of another person’s body with their practiced touch, I think this is fair.

At the same time, the same service in San Isidro ranges from ₡20.000-₡30.000. I think that’s fair, too. Many of those practitioners have a different cost of living as well. Who’s to say what a fair price is?

The more important question is: does the difference between ₡20.000-$40.000/hr alter someone’s decision as to whether they can afford the care they need? You bet it does. 

With a home-based practice, I’ve lowered my overhead from when I was renting a studio. Until further notice, I’ll be offering a sliding fee scale for my sessions for those who wish to come to my home.  

* House calls are another story. Unless you’re unable to leave the house because of injury, that’s a luxury and asks a lot more from the practitioner. The prep time to transport gear, travel expenses, and time spent to set up in an unfamiliar space are just a few reasons the sliding fee scale is more narrow.

The rate flexibility is not reflective of the quality or value of my work. I’m a professional with over 20 years of experience who’s studied 6 levels of Thai training with two different teachers, along with several other massage modalities. I bring the same quality of work and attention to every session. 

I’d like to see, if the price is less of an obstacle, if those who like my work will come in for treatment often enough and long enough to improve their well-being.

Regular bodywork is very beneficial to not only your body but to your mind and emotions, as well.

* I do, however, hold to a ₡10.000 late cancellation fee for no-shows and reschedules made with less than 24-hr notice


If you have questions or would like to inquire about Thai Massage at your next retreat, please use the form below

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