Create a virtual farm tour.

It’s easy and your guests are going to love it!

Offer your guests a tour of your property whether you’re home or away!

Watch the video above

Then follow the steps below

You’re about to add value to your guest’s experience,

in a way that’ll save time and effort,

for where your project needs it most.

Step #1: Choose your Screen Capture Software

Do you prefer to record to the cloud or onto your device?


An easy to use free browser extension.


Another free browser extension option to experiment with.


Open-source software, lots of customizable options, ideal for computers with strong processors.

Step #2: Choose a Map

If you’ve got a pretty one, use it. If not, there’s always Google.

Pre-made Illustration of your farm

It can be a digital sketch or an uploaded photo of something drawn by hand.

Online Map Software

You can use Google Maps, Google Earth, Apple Maps, or any other that you prefer. You just need a screenshot.

Step #3: Choose your Illustration Software

Low-tech or High-tech: let your inner artist decide

Windows Paint 3D



Adobe Suite

Step #4: Plan Your Video

Take some time to name the goal of the video and list some of the key points that you want to mention

Write down your ideas

Step #5: Record Your Video


    Smile & Breathe

    Use a plug-in microphone

    Keep it Simple

    Just do it!

    Step #5.5: Editing Software

    This is not necessary. These videos don’t have to be long or perfect! For videos like this, I usually do it in a single take and deliver it the way it comes out. However, if you want to get into some simple trimming, look into the following:



    YouCut Video Editor


    Step #6: Choose where to host the video

    For this purpose, any of these is fine. The goal is to have a link to send in a text or embed it on your website.



    Photo Cloud Storage (Google, Apple, etc.)


    Step #7: Choose your delivery method

    Post it where it can be easily shared. At minimum, you need to deliver a video & an image.

    Your Website

    WhatsApp or Telegram

    Google Docs

    Get Creative

    Step #7.5: Add Supplemental Material

    A video & image are enough to get people to where they’re going. If you want to enhance the experience, create away!

    Create a Checklist

    Create a “treasure hunt” of things they might want to look out for or keep in mind during their walk. 

    A Photo Gallery

    Add an on-location video

    Get Creative

    Make it Fun!

    This is your chance to make every future guest of your project feel welcome. Smile and use a tone of voice that helps them feel your spirit.

    Make Another One

    What are other things you can give a tour of?

    Food Forest / Harvest Tour

    Waterfall hike

    Driving to your place from town

    Walking from the bus stop

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