Biochar and microorganisms come up again and again in these conversations around soil health, plant health, and even carbon sequestering.

Peter takes us onsite, in this video, to one of his fruit forests to explain how he applies these elements into his regenerative systems.

If you like what Peter has to say be sure to check out the full-length podcast interview that we did, as well as the other video we’ve made with him touring his nursery describing his durian grafting process & sharing some insights into propagating trees for sale at the local farmers market, as well as to developers and permaculturists around the country.

You can find both at https://regenerationnationcr.com.

The other video is also on Youtube at https://youtu.be/9bpSvIDTB_0

To follow more of Finca La Isla’s adventures in biodiversity and sustainability, check out:
Website – https://www.costaricaorganicsfarm.com/

FB – https://www.facebook.com/peter.kring.1

El Dorado Documentary https://youtu.be/0Os-ujelkgw

Special thanks to Lekan Ayodabo for editing this video!

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